Chapter 1. Is it really the end?

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(It is advised that before reading this chapter one must read the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I cannot include this due to copyright reasons)

All rights reserved to Miss J.K Rowling. I own nothing but the plot.

Chapter One: Is it really the end?

"I've had enough trouble for a lifetime" Said Harry with finality. As if in slow motion the golden trio stood and turned to leave, all three of them had only three things on their minds; a toasty bed, food, and a nice long bath. The trio were almost out the door before Dumbledore's voice sounded once more, barely more than a whisper. "Miss. Granger." Hermione turned around worry scrawled across her face. "It is time." Harry and Ron who had both paused at Dumbledore's voice turned around.

"Time for what?" said Ron fatigue completely leaving his composure. "Is there something you haven't told us Hermione?" Hermione's face held a mixture of worry, realization, and fear, her eyes wide. She was staring at Dumbledore (or rather his portrait) and he her. Neither one of them had even bothered to look at Ron at his words.

"Can't this wait professor?" she stuttered.

"Can what wait?" said both Harry and Ron. Hermione and Dumbledore did not seem to notice. Both of them seemed to be in the middle of some kind of staring contest.

"I-It's too early. The dark lord was defeated not twelve hours ago." She stammered.

"Ahh but all the more reason Miss Granger. They are waiting." Dumbledore's voice barely a whisper.

"B-but... they're not ready." She said her voice low to match the former headmaster.

"I'm not ready."She said a little louder. Her breathing becoming increasingly ragged. The boys sensed she was near hysterics but kept their mouths shut.

"Miss Granger," Professor Dumbledore said his tone remaining calm, his voice still barely a whisper. "You cannot keep running from the truth."

"But what is the truth?!"Hermione was nearly screaming now. Her breathing was shallow as if she had just run around the entire lake.

"The prophecy cannot be true! I'm a muggleborn!" she said squaring her shoulders bringing herself to full height.

"I'm a mudblood." She said almost proudly. Harry and Ron gasped.

"Hermione Jean Granger!" Ron said. Anger and shock clear on his face. But before he could say anymore Hermione had broken her gaze from Dumbledore's portrait. She slumped back into the armchair behind her. Her eyes closed as if she had passed out. Ron ran towards her.

"Hermione?" His voice suddenly laced with concern. He grabbed her shoulders and looked as if to shake her when a tear escaped her closed eyelids.

"Hermione?"He said his tone now wary. "What's wrong?" and after a short paused, "What is it you know about the prophecy?"

Both Harry and Ron were now kneeling at Hermione's feet both having forgotten completely about food and comfort. Hermione seemed to have stopped breathing and Ron gave her a slight shake.

"Hermione!" he yelled. She opened her mouth and she began to sob uncontrollably. Her eyes now squeezed shut. Her ponytail had come loose and her unruly hair was now covering her face. Ron brushed it aside impatiently. He turned to look at Dumbledore's portrait. "What's going on?!" he yelled. Dumbledore's sad blue eyes met Ron's. He did not address him but Harry.

"Harry could you please go to my desk and open the bottom drawer on the right." Harry did as he was told . Inside was an unmarked envelope and a small locked case the size of a small jewelry box.

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