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I've always hated airports.

And I've always hated being constantly bothered.

I had barely stepped out of the plane, when my phone started blaring loudly.

My mother called 19 times, from Paris to LA.

"D'accord, je t'appelle après. Moi aussi, bisou."

After rushing the call and assuring her I was fine, I finally picked up my suitcase and headed towards the exit of the crowded LAX.

When I reached the taxi queue, my phone ringed again. I huffed and fetched the advice.

"Oui?" [Yes?] I said into the speaker.

"Zoe!" Exclaimed my best friend, Debora.

"Écoute, je viens juste d'arriver, je vais prendre un taxi maintenant, je t'appelle le soir, okay?"[Listen, I've just arrived, I'm gonna get a taxi now, I call you tonight, okay?] I told her.

"Okay, chérie, bisou." [Okay, darling, bye.]

I threw the phone into my bag, waiting a few minutes to see if it was going to ring again before putting it away.

"Well, I do love a girl who can speak other languages,"

I turned around abruptly. A tall brunet guy was hovering behind me, a smirk on his face. He was quite hot.

"Good for you," I stated simply, turning back around.

"Really, babe. Where did you learn?" He pressed, I felt his presence closer to me.

"I'm French,." I said, getting the handle of my suitcase and begging to walk towards the cab that pulled up.

"Well babygirl, I can't speak french but I can French kiss."

With a roll of my eyes, I briefly threw him a glance, "Vas te faire foutre, bouffon."

He stared at me confusedly, while I smiled to myself and got into the cab.

Short, but effective

Hope y'all enjoy this chapter and give this story a chance!

Thanks for reading, babes

- mia

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