Chapter 8

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Tammy shuddered when she heard the panel at the door opening.

"Are you hungry?" the voice asked.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"I told you already. That baby of yours is important to me."

"Please let me go," Tammy begged. "People will know I'm missing."

"It's been days and no one has even called your phone. What does that tell you?" The voice laughed, a menacing sound, "It tells me no one is looking for you. No one."

"Please," Tammy hiccuped between sobs.

"Don't cry. After all, your life isn't worthless. You're bringing life to this child. This child that will be a miracle to my family."


Hours later, four eyes were watching as Detective Jax Michaels entered King's Diner.

"He's brave. I'll give him that," Dolores patted her gray hair as she nodded towards the young detective.

"Maybe he's a masochist," Donovan whispered. They were both standing beside the swinging doors to the kitchen observing Dani with Jax.

"Five bucks she punches him again," Oliver tittered, causing both Donovan and Dolores to jump.

"You came out of nowhere Oliver. As for Dani, she wouldn't do that twice," Dolores said. "I've told her time and time again a woman has to be mysterious and unpredictable. I bet she throws a drink at him."

"And waste some Pepsi? I hope she punches him," Donovan said.

Oliver looked back at the handsome blonde man and frowned, "Are you interested in Dani too?"

Donovan looked at Dolores who was slightly shaking her head encouraging him to say no. Donovan was quick to pick up what Dolores meant and shook his head, "Not at all sir. I just think that detective guy isn't for her."

"Why do you say that?" Oliver Lee asked.

"Because...because he only orders the chicken strip platter," Donovan said weakly. "Real men eat beef?"

Oliver pointed to the kitchen, "Get back to work and stop thinking about Dani. Co-workers can't date."

Donovan gave a wry smile before heading back into the kitchen, leaving Dolores and Oliver alone.

"You sure are playing the overprotective boss card today. Not that I don't enjoy seeing a possessive man in action, but what gives Oliver?" Dolores asked.

"Dani deserves someone good. Her mother would've wanted that."

"Dani's mother? How would you know that? Did you know her Oliver?"

Oliver sighed, "I did. She was a very special woman. Just like Dani."

Dolores' mouth dropped open, "You've never mentioned this before! Does Dani know you knew her mother?"

"No. And I don't want her to find out either."

"Why not?"

"It's better for her...for us both if she doesn't ask questions," Oliver shared. "Besides, it never came up."

"And now that it's come up?" Dolores quipped.

"It hasn't. Not with Dani. I want it to stay that way. For her mother."

"Oliver, you can't keep this a secret. Dani has a right to know."

Oliver crossed his arms, "It would only hurt her. I just want the best for her. This detective seems okay but I won't like him if he's pestering Dani."

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