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i lay outside by a pond in the middle of the forest thinking of what of my life. i wear a deep blue dress that flows to the ground.there is silver on the rims of the dress the sleves flow down to my finger my brown hair is braded into two . i watch all of my animals friends playing around until they started to run away .

i sat up to see what firghtened them until a man whos 5'8 stumbles out from a bush he had deep blue eyes and black hair. he had blood all over his body and his clothes were torn. He had a look that he could pass out any minute.

i saw him lean ford and fall to his nee's i ran over to him before he feel and asked him his name.

the man"omar name''.

you'' omar what gotten you like this ''

omar'' i was left for dead betraded by my comrades''

you'' you may stay with me if you have no place to go name ie rokia.

''thak you rokia.''omar said

i smiled and helped him to my home .he told me every thing about him over the months he has lived with me in my two storied house. he left after the fourth month but came and viste me now and then.


its been two years and i have been haveing feelings toward omar but hes going out with another and i dont want to get between him and the girl. i hvae noticed that he comes to visite me less now and it saddenss me that i will lose him forever.

im sitting at my pond and watched my animal friends play around. i look at my hands sadly thinking of omar.whishing he was here with me. one of my friends who was a beautiful brown and white bunny i named her gina . she came up to me and snuggled into my lap and looked up at me.

gina i really miss omar i should of told him how i felt about him'I said.

i lowered my head and whepped.

while i cryed i felt someone whip my tears and move my facce toward them. i looked into the deep blue eyes of ...OMAR

omar'' why you cry rokia'' '' reason that you need to worry about''

i turned away from him and started to head back to my home but before i took a step he grabed my forarm and made me face him.

omar''whats wrong i want to help you rokia but i cant do that if you dont tell me what it is''

i looked at him then turned fromhim and said'' theres someone i love but i dont know how he feels aboout me'' i said in a whisper.

he lifted my head and said ''who are you inloved with''


then he did something i didnt exspect he ...he kissed me .

i kissed him back with all my passion i have toward him he pulled away.

omar"i love ..ive always wnated to tell you but i didnt know if you didnt feel the same ''

you"ive always loved you ever since i meet you''

he brought my face toward him and kissed me.

right then and there i knew we would be together for the rest of our days


well my llife is perfect im married to the man i love and .....IMPREGNENT!!!!!!


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