Dreams : PowerTrip (J. Cole Fan Fic)

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This had to be my 5th time riding around her block, in hopes she would see me and wave, i've done this for 2 years now everyday. The first time i seen her, i followed her home just to see,where she was staying. Does that sound crazy? I hope,it didn't. I just wanted to see if she had a man, i found out she did but the the relationship was off and on. Every Friday i would send her flowers, she never knew,they were from me, but i always left a note with the flowers saying sweet nothings and poems never told her they were from me, you know coward shxt? She got them, and every time she did i watched from my car as she smiled and smelled them, she never knew i was there though, i figured the tulips were her favorite because her smile was different when i sent these. I was in love with this girl, i am in love with her, id do ANYTHING just to have her, i knew everything about her but she didn't even remember my name, she never knew i was watching.

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