Chapter 5

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I am alone on the bed when i wake up. I don't believe i had not any nightmares and i don't believe Peeta was with me, wrapped around me, and i don't believe how safe i feel.

I stand up and go to the bathroom to make everything on point. Next, i head to the kitchen and when i see him, my heart skips a beat, no, not a beat, but several beats. He is making breakfast and he is shirtless, God i see his muscles on his back and some scares, but the scares make him even more hot and muscular. His hair is a real mess in a freaking good way.

"Good morning, Katniss" he says as he turns to face me."Morning" i respond. His eyes are so bright and his lips are so attractive. I had no idea, until today, how much i missed his lips on mine. Damn, Katniss, stop thinking about his lips!

"It's been a while i had not sleep so well" he says and turns to check the omelet.

"Me too" i say. I want to say more, but i am distracted. He remains silent, too.

During the breakfast he tells me about his recovery courses and all that stuff.
"I'm trying to do something to get rid of the pain, like rebuilding a bakery or opening an art gallery. You know, before coming back, i was painting almost everyday."

"Yeah, that's a really good idea"

"I'll be happy if you will help me. we can do anything together"

"yes, right" i say as i stand up. "I have to go Peeta, Greasy Sae is probably waiting for me. Thanks for the breakfast." shit Katniss stop watching his damn lips! He just smiles. When i reach the door he suddenly calls me, i turn around and he walks to me, closer and closer and closer and freaking closer! i am pressed on the door with my back, as he whispers into my ear

"I want to kiss you so badly, is that okay?"

I don't know why he is asking for my permission, but anyway, he does not wait for my approval or denial, he holds my head up and kisses me like no one has ever kissed me like this, and i feel the hunger overtaking me, the hunger that overtook me on the beach.

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