So, this is my first English only story ;D I won't translate it to german and I also started it in English. It's based on a dream I had some days ago, only that in my dream it wasn't a guy called Shane but my favorite singer ;D Oh and I was the main character and not Jessie, but yeah, idk... I don't think my name would match anyways and I like the name Jessie. I hope some of you like it.

Oh and btw. I've never been to New York or even America so don't be mad if I make some mistakes. I'm Austrian so yeah....

P.S.: I rewrote this story on June 21, 2011 to make it longer and slow it down. I also added some chapters so it slows down too. Hope you guys read it again and comment the new version. And I hope it's better now that it has less speed.


I was on my way to the mall to help my best friend Kylie get a new shirt. If I remembered it right, it was neon pink and had a print that said ‘Party Time’, but I wasn’t sure it was this one. It could also have been a golden spangled tank top. Maybe it was both of them but I never knew what Kylie wanted until she told me. Right now I was on my way with her to get the shirt she wanted.

“Jessie, c’mon, I wanna get there before twilight!” she called.

I shook my head and came back into reality. Kylie waved her hand nervously for me to join her. It was annoying. She was so stressed out from time to time that it really got on my nerves. I sighed; I should get anxious about her shopping obsession. It was nearly too much for me to take it any more.

I looked at her. Kylie was wearing a white top with v-neck and a print saying ‘School Sucks’ and black skinny jeans. Her hip long blonde curls were up in a perfectly placed ponytail. She wasn’t wearing a make-up, not only because she had the perfect tan but the perfect skin. Even so, she had put on some black eyeliner, silver eye shadow and mascara. It looked really nice.

“Jessie!” Kylie yelled, annoyed of my being so slow. She threw her ponytail back over her shoulders. I took a deep breath and ran after her. If I didn’t hurry up now, she would get mad. I think she would nearly kill me for stopping her from getting her new favorite shirt.

Kylie and I go shopping once a week. Kylie’s rich, so she loves to shop. She isn’t really rich, her mother just owns a successful company that imports candy from Asian countries like Japan. The candies and little cakes are really good, but you can’t get them here so you have to go to her mother’s shop to get them.

Oh my, I get distracted too easily.

I’m not the kind of girl everyone thought I was. I wasn’t interested in what brand name my clothes were like most of the popular people. I don’t even understand why I got popular so fast. I moved here two years ago and got popular as soon as they found out I was a good actress. Some people said I was brilliant. In Austria, they hated me. They thought I was a nerd and they didn’t like acting. Here in New York City they liked good actresses. Of course I miss my friends, but we use Skype sometimes.

Maybe my looks got me popular too? I have long straight, auburn hair. My eyes are blue and I have curves.

If it weren’t for meeting Kylie, it would have taken me a bit longer to be popular. I like Kylie a lot, but she can be… Superficial. Nonetheless, she was nice and I hung out with her a lot.

Finally, we arrived at the mall. I was breathing heavily; how I hated running! Kylie was nearly twice as fast as I was and it made me twice as exhausted. “One minute…” I managed to choke out between two deep breaths. Kylie rolled her eyes, but nodded. It made her ponytail shake violently. High ponytails were somehow really funny.

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