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One shot. They say in life you only got one shot, lose that chance and everything goes down the drain. Hey Jeon, I wonder if you still remember me? I bet not. You clearly want me out for good and obviously I had no other choice but to move on.

But then again, after what you did today..

Is this all we are? Just friends?


Was the message he sent me after half a year.


The same word kept ringing in my head. Is he really saying hello to me after all the humiliation he put me through? After abandoning me when I needed him the most? After all the tears, heartbreak and pain? Yet he has the nerve to send me a Hello text after half a year.

Half a year of me trying my upmost best to avoid him. Half a year of me trying to distract myself from thinking about him, telling myself horrible things just to comfort myself.

Sentences like 'I'm sure he is happy with another by now' 'I'm sure he is the happiest guy alive without me in his life' 'I'm sure he doesn't think about me at all, what's more miss me'

Then again, I'm confused. He told me six months before that he will be changing to a new phone number, refusing to let me know since he wants zero relation with me yet now, as I'm staring at my phone screen, it was his old phone number which pop up in my notification. He told me his uncle would be using his old number so who is sending me this text? I'm sure it can't be his uncle, that's just gross.

I shrugged that thought off. I was procrastinating on whether to hit back a reply since I was unsure who the sender was. I profusely tapped my finger on my lap as I continued staring at the message.

Come on, Tae, just do it. No, Tae, don't.

Two different voices battling inside my mind. After giving such long thought, I decided to not give a damn and hit a reply asking who the sender was since I was having second thoughts.

Are you Jungkook's uncle or are you Jungkook?

After hitting send, I headed to bed. Hoping to receive a clear answer the next day. Deep down, I wish it wasn't him.

The following morning...

I'm Jungkook

What the bloody hell... It's him. What the heck does he want after neglecting me for half a year?

Time for me to tell you what happened six months ago.

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