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One In a Million



I stirred as my alarm clock began to beep loudly- waking me up just as I fell to sleep- with a swift motion I wacked it turning it off completely, shifting as slowly as I could from underneath Jaymes’ body quickly before he crushed me but failed when I realised his legs were tangled in mine- like every morning- I almost forgot he liked to lay all over me while we slept. Sometimes it’s frustrating as hell but then again sometimes it’s comfortable, this morning however was god damn frustrating because I really needed to pee.

I nudged him in an attempt to push him off me- he didn’t budge an inch so I tried again and again and again before giving up, laying on my back panting from the effort- his arm was across my chest now and his leg over my hip constricting me from moving. God he is such a dead weight.

“Jaymes, Get your fat ass off me!”

“Lo-Lo” he murmured bring me closer to his body “don’t yell, it’s early”

“I need too pee!” I complained in a whiny voice trying to get out of his hold.

He threw his toned body of mine with a huff “Fine, I won’t hug you” He said dramatically.

I resisted the urge to tell him it was more like crushing me but opted with saying “Don't be such a baby”

“I will if I wanna be-” I shut the bathroom door cutting off his rant about being woken up just because I needed to pee.

Jaymes is my best friend- for almost sixteen years now and it’s totally a cliché- boys parents move in next door, girls parents become friends with new neighbours and the kids grow up together and become best friends. He was really the best friend I could ask for, we do everything together and I can tell him anything- I trust him with my life and if it came down to it, I would take a bullet for that boy.

Even though I’ve known him my whole life I will admit that he is the sexiest thing god has ever put on this planet- he is totally irresistible and he knows it. Jaymes has thick black hair- which he styles messily because he thinks attracts the ladies- Deep dark brown eyes with long thick eyelashes, straight nose, strong jaw line, kissable soft pink lips. His skin tone is tanned with a ripped body- that sometimes makes my mouth water- and tall frame standing six feet.

Before you jump to conclusions; I’m not- I repeat- I’m not in-love with my best friend, were just really close and besides we are both serious about who we are with; I'm serious with Nick- my boyfriend and he’s a serious player.

His hot body and Greek god looks have given him the biggest ego- trust me when I say- girls literally throw themselves at him, he’s even turned a straight guy gay! But don’t mention that him- he gets a little creeped out by that, it’s not that he’s homophobic or anything because we have a gay friend- he's just not partially fond of them.

Once I was finished doing my business I turned on the shower- setting the temperature just right before jumping in, my body shivering slightly as the warm water first came into contact with my cold skin.

“Yo, Davenport” I called out while washing my hair.


“You getting in or what!?”

I heard some shuffling before the bathroom door opened, he got undressed and pushed me out of the water- complaining that it was too cold before adding some more hot water.

Yes, I shower with my best friend; who is a guy- for us it’s completely normal, we’ve been doing it since we were kids. I feel absolutely comfortable with being naked around him and know I'm not going to be judged by way I look- he thinks I'm beautiful no matter what, even when I was slightly chubby and had no b*obs.