The Wrath of Cyclops

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----------- Narrator's POV ----------------
Erza and gray moved out and went to the city. No one was there, as every person was scared of the monster and was in his home.

"There's nothing unusual" Erza said with curiosity.

"Where the heck is that monster." Gray said and suddenly they heard a giant explosion in the north of the city. "What was that?. Gray

"I think its him, let's go gray". Erza shouted.

They both went to the other side and finally saw the mighty cyclops.

"That's huge" erza said.

Gray just can't bear it and become out of control. "Deliora........" He said as he remembers ur's death. "I'll kill you bastard" he shouted and jumped towards the monster.

"Gray wait" erza shouted but he didn't stopped.

"Ice-make lance, Damn it didn't had any effect. Take this, Ice-Make spears, What the...? Its didn't even scratch him. Ice-make hammer." Gray said while fighting. But before he could make his hammer cyclops hit him and he flew away and fell to the ground.

"Gray, no" Erza cried. "You monster, Heavens wheel armour," She summoned hundred swords and hit the monster. "It did nothing" Requip, Nakagami Armour, I will finish you with one below you creep. Nakagami starlight," she shouted.
That did some effect on cyclops but it became more angry and hit erza with all his might. Erza got a hit and but again she requipped and changed into lighting empress armour, " lightning bolt,". She said

They were doing hand to hand fight but still erza was not strong enough to beat it alone. Gray woke up and came charging in again.

"Hey, Erza. Don't interrupt I can beat this monster on my own now you leave my way. I want revenge of ur" Gray said in a angered voice.

" I can't , this one is way out of your league and also......." Erza was cutted as she saw her feet were frozen to ground. And now she can't move.

"Cyclops, Ice-Make Ice bringer" he tried to cut his arm but it did only a scratch. Then again, "Ice-make Cold Excalibur," he hit at the same spot of scratch and he was able to cut his arm." Now that serves you right" he said.

"Gray unfreez me" Erza asked.

But gray didn't replied. That arm cut made cyclops more angry and crazy. He decided to kill gray in one shot. He opened is mouth to shoot a massive energy blast.

"What the hell?, I didn't know he have something left like that under his sleave. I......I can't move, may be I've used so much magic. Damn it, why now? Gray said in a low voice. "Oh, no that's gonna hit me"
He closed his eyes thinking that its the end.

He heard a blast and opened his eyes seeing himself unharmed and erza standing there infront of him.
She used her adamantine armour to protect gray but in doing so she also got badly injured because cyclop's energy blast was too strong that it penetrated through the armour and injured her. Now she was barely standing.

"Erza no, that can't be. Why did you do this?" Gray cried.

"Because, you are my friend and I like you" Erza said while Gray's eyes widened on last sentence.

Cyclops was about to blast another shot however gray can't move and erza was barely standing but she decided to protect gray at all costs.

Gray's POV

First ur, than ultear, now erza...... No I can't let that happen? Never ever again.

"Erza move. Don't worry about me" I shouted.

"I can't do that" she replied.

Cyclops fired his blast.

"No...... Erzaaaaaa........" I fainted.
I was thinking in my dream. " So, its the end after all. Another loved one died because of me. I am the worst human alive. I'm starting to think that may be I am the true murderer of ur, ultear and now erza. That's right Erza..... No, Erza. I woke up and found my self in arms of a lady. It was so blurry. " Erza, Is it you". I asked.

"No, I am Meredy." She replied

As I heard it I got my consciousness back. "Ah, its you. Where is erza?" I asked

"Don't worry she is fine. She's over there". Meredy replied.

"I saw a blue haired guy. It was jellal carrying erza in his arms. He saved us. I was happy to see erza fine but a bit jealous that he was the one to protect her."

I rushed toward her," Erza, are you alright. Are you hurt? Erza. " I asked

"Gray, Gray, I'm fine. Don't worry. Jellal saved me. I know jellal, that you will be always on my side. She said.

"Yes, I always will be. Hey gray, take care of erza while I beat up that monster." He asked .

I nodded.

"Crackus doom spell," jellal shouted. And he blew up the monster with one hit.

"Wow, jellal, from where did you get that spell" Erza asked.

"Oh, that. While working in crime sociere I got this. It specializes in killing demons like I did now but it sucks too much of my magic." He replied.

----------- Narrator's POV ----------------
After hearing that. Erza said, " Jellal, than you need a serious rest. Please come to fairy tail until you fully recover.

"But, I....." Jellal.

"No, buts. You are coming with us and that's it." She said.

"Ah, ok. After all, Who can confront the great Titania" he said while laughing.

Every one smiled except gray who was not liking this at all.

"Then let's head back" Erza said.



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