Chapter Two

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I woke up feeling dazed and confused, my throat dry and head pounding, and mind wondering what the fuck I did last night.

My eyes then flew open and I snapped my head to the left of me, holy shit. It was like a slow motion movie playing over and over in my mind.

His mouth kissing every part of my body that tongue, oh god that was amazing

The countless orgasms, well I do know it was a lot.

Head banging sex, I mean literally my head was banging into his headboard.

The many positions, some of which I didn't think was possible to even do, apparently it is possible and apparently I was that flexible.

He just seemed to go and go and go, like a machine that didn't stop until the battery died, well lucky for me the batteries never died, I had amazing all night long, loud sex.

My eyes widened further when I realised I didn't even know what his name was or how old he was, he looked no more than 30. Shit, how could I have been so slutty, well I guess this was what a one night stand was all about, fun and meaningless sex?

I heard him groan and his arm pulled me tighter into his hard chest, did he not know I was meant to do the whole sneak out walk of shame before he woke up?

So instead of fighting it I gave in and snuggled him back, I hadn't snuggled like this for so long and it kind of felt nice, like how I remember it. I didn't even feel guilty that I slept with him, or that it was the day I broke up with Sam, hell this guy was way hotter than Sam.

I could feel his growing arousal pressing against my naked thigh and I smirked, seriously he is wanting to go again. I tried to ignore that finger that was running circles over my stomach as his arm was resting on my side, he was awake and probably trying to figure out who I was.

I felt his soft lips kiss the base of my neck, his hand was trailing down further until it reached between my thighs and started rubbing me slowly, and oh god he is wanting to go again.

My hand went behind my back to grab his lengthy hard on and started to rub him, making him harder than he already was, he let out a low groan, pulling me from my side and onto my back where he climbed on top of me. His knees nudged my already sore as hell thighs apart and as quick as I could blink him thrusted deep inside me.

He was seriously cute of a morning, his hair was all tossed around and those blue eyes looking half asleep still, I bit my lip down not really understanding why he hadn't kicked me out yet.

My arms trailed up and down his back as he moved in a pace which was obviously working for both of us considering the heavy breathing we were both making, he stopped all of a sudden and pulled his mouth away from my neck where he had been kissing and spoke to me “What's your name?”

Oh, so now he was wanting to know who I was, I could have been a crazy stalker chick for all he knew “Lily” I whispered out afraid to talk in my normal voice in case I sounded like a croaking frog.

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