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Note: You should watch Magic Kaito 1412 or Detective Conan to at least have an understanding of this fanfiction.

Name's as a thief: Kaito Siren (most popular), The Princess of Seraphic Melody, Siren of the Deep blue, and Moonlight's Pearl.

Appearance as a thief: (Pic above) Kaito Siren is somewhat of a trend setter, however her costumes have such a similarity that it is easy to identify her, however the easiest way is her glowing bright pink hair. She has heterochromic eyes but they are usually hidden behind a mask or a masquerade mask. (The pic doesn't have it, but pretend that their is a black and pink masquerade mask)But she is not afraid to take off her mask. Her pink hair is real though, ( its not a wig) to know why, read 'Secrets'

Real Name and identity: Kimiko Sayuri, a 16 year old teenager, who thinks she too smart for school that she rarely attends, she has many identities so she is all over the place, so she pretty much attends whatever school is nearby. Also a high school detective, though doesn't take the title that seriously, she just solves the cases she finds.

Appearance (at school, and in public): Short greyish purple hair and her hair, and heterochromic eyes, however her left eye is covered with an eye patch. Her visible eye is blue. She originally has long greyish purple hair (That can change color to pink but that will be explained in 'secrets') but styles it to appear that she has short hair.

Other identities: *Note: For some reason, she really enjoys dressing up as other people, especially males. Like Kaito kid, she can look like anyone and fake voices too.*

Kazuki Sora (thought to be male), the president and owner (and creator)of the Kazuki Corps (a really big and rich company) No one knows his true appearance, but when Sayuri pretends to be Kazuki, she wears a bright goldenblond wig and green contacts, she looks quite beautiful like this, (but people think of her as a beautiful boy)

Kisaki Daichi, a kid around Conan's age. Mischievous and mysterious. Sayrui created a drug similar to APTX 4869 but she also created an permanent antidote. However, she believes that this antidote would not work on Haibara and Shinichi.

Personality: Unpredictable. However she usually acts a little bit like Kaito. A little mischievous, pretty secretive, however very kind. She has quite a cool personality and goes by her own pace which makes her mysterious.

Hobbies: Anything fun. However she is usually busy with many things. (Cases, thief nights, business check ups, etc.)

Pets: For some strange reason, animals are naturally attracted to her, (not that she minds) so its not strange for her that if she whistles a hawk suddenly flies in from nowhere. The ones that she is familiar the most to is a pet snow white owl named Hana, a snow white fox named Hikari, and a white tiger named Silica (Hey she's rich) Their all female. (Note: I don't think they will be mentioned a lot in the story.)

Why she is named 'Siren': Sayuri is a extremely talented singer, her voice can hypnotize you, or make you fall asleep. She can control it, so if she wants to she can make it into an enjoyable song. She is lightning quick reflexes and is talently acrobatic. She moves easily as if she is graceful mermaid swimming in the sea.

Personality as a thief: A lot like Kaitou Kid's. She's very easy going even when the heist is not turning out well, and has an excellent pokerface, not letting a single worry or frustration slip through. She's a little less dramatic then KID (most of the time), but can be very flirty, mysterious, and very obvious that she enjoys messing people's brains up. Can be serious/

Secrets: Her eyes are heterochromic, one is pink and the other one is blue. The people who know her sometimes believe that her eyes hold some kind if hypnotize power. And for some reason she can change her hair color to either pink or greyish purple, and it can grow to her will. She wasn't born with these powers or was she born with heterochromic eyes, but how she got them will be explained later.

Family: Kimiko Yuko (mother) who is a secret singer and assistant of Phantom Lady and best friend (deceased) Kimiko Haru (father) a charming actor, also once the famous thief, Phantom knight (deceased) both were murdered by the same people who murdered Kaito's father. Kimiko Asuna (older sister) secret agent and detective, murdered by the Black Organization.

Favorite food: Italian, French, and Japanese cuisine.

Weaknesses: she is a patient person so she doesn't experience anger often, only annoyance. So she doesn't always know when it's time to get serious. And she, like Kaito, can ignore it if someone is in need of help. While she may seem calm and uncaring, Sayuri actually worries quite a lot for Kaito. She is surprisingly, sometimes weak to blackmail (which Conan takes advantage of....)

Fear: The black organization dominating the world, Kaito's father killers getting Pandora, anyone she holds respect for getting killed. Worms. 


Kuroba Toichii: sort of a stand in father and taught her magic to cheer her up when her family died. A person who she admires and respects a lot.

Kuroba Chikage AKA Phantom lady: they were very close and Kaito's mom thought of Sayuri as a daughter she always wanted but never had.

Yusaku Kudo and Yukiko: Sayuri's father was the childhood friend of Shinichi's dad. They still talk every once and a while, they view Sayuri, like the Kuroba's, a daughter they always wanted but never had. They, however never mentioned Sayuri to their son, Shinichi.

Koizumi Akako: A distant relative, but they are surprisingly close (they don't really show it though) And no, Sayuri is not a witch......I think.

Heizo Hattori (head of the Osaka police department and Heiji Hattori's dad): they once encountered on a case together and a small rivalry happened, but Hattori's dad holds a lot of respect for Sayuri secretly. Despite the fact that he is a lot older then her.

Special traits and things you might want to know: Beside at being good at pretty much everything, she is a very good magician, when she sings it sometimes makes people fall asleep or causes miracles to happen (like making rain fall for example) However its not magic it merely is a trick. However if she really did wanted to her voice could control people or things. Again, her body is not normal ever since she got her heterochromic eyes which suddenly caused her hair to change colors to her will.

Despite having a somewhat positive and mischievous attitude, inside she can sometimes be slightly emotionless and empty, probably cause she is filled with rage that her parents were killed by the same people who killed by the same people who murdered Kaito kid's father, and her older sister was killed by the Black Organization. Currently she is wondering what to do with them, but she is to get her revenge. Of course she won't kill them (unless she has to) She'll just make them pay. She can be a little bit of a sadist.


Its a lot of information to take I know. My name is Neko1290 but call me Shin-chan. If anything is confusing you could always come back and read this chapter again.

Warning: This fanfic will include an Somewhat OP!OC as well as a somewhat perfect-like character. Don't like, don't read. You have been warned.


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