11 || First Fight and The Confession

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"Did you guys reached the airport?", asked an anxious Sidharth.

"Yes we just reached. I'll inform you as soon as I drop him to Arhaan's apartment", said Jay from the other side of the phone.

Sidharth rubbed his forehead nervously while speaking, "Okay! I'll be waiting for the call. And make sure no one sees him, get it?"

Jai replied immediately, "Yeah sure!"
And the call ended.

With the end of the call, Sidharth's seemed extremely tensed, after all today, 'He' finally came back. And that meant, telling Khushali the truth, that too as soon as possible because without her knowing anything, they couldn't go ahead with the last part of their plan. She was their only chance for coming out of the mess.

But to tell her the truth, he himself first need to become confident because he knew how much of a risk it would be for Khushali, her life will be endangered once she's aware of the truth. And if that's not enough, then there was a high chance that she might misunderstood everything and could go against him. And that's worrisome for Sidharth because even a small mistake could do a lot of damage now.

He was thinking about how to start about it, and decided to first tell her about his and Mayera's relationship and then the rest. But before that he need to make sure that Khushali won't react unexpectedly to the truth. He need to first know what would Khushali think when he will tell her the truth because then only he'd decide on how to tell the truth.

He was pacing in his room, when Amaira came in, to call him for dinner.
"Chachu let's go downstairs down, dinner is ready!" Amaira said in her usual chirpy voice.

Sidharth forgetting his tension, smiled happily at his niece and replied, "Yeah let's go princess. I'm very hungry."

He scooped Amaira in his arms, and went downstairs for dinner. He made Amaira sit on her chair and went to sit on his place. The dinner was then served and Khushali came to take her seat beside him. As she sat down, she passed him a affectionate smile, which Sidharth returned with his warm smile.

After the dinner, Khushali was helping out the maid to keep off the plates and all, when Sidharth came and stood behind her. Khushali was talking to the maid, so she didn't notice Sidharth standing behind her and was left startled when he whispered in her ears.

Sidharth was cheesily smiling to himself as he wife didn't see him and slowly whispered in her ears, "Wifey, when you get done with this, please come upstairs with coffee. There's something I want to talk to you about."

Khushali turned back and spoke in a shaky voice, "Gosh Sidharth you scared me! Anyway you go, I'll get coffee for us when I'm done here."

Sidharth chuckled and replied, "Okay wifey!"

He left from there and Khushali resumed her work. Once she was done, she made two cups of coffee for herself and Sidharth, and went upstairs to her room. Entering the room, she saw Sidharth pacing around with a mixed expression. He looked nervous and scared at the same time and was constantly muttering something to himself.

Khushali kept the mugs down, and went to where Sidharth was pacing. She tapped his shoulder and said, "Sidharth? Still worried for your client? I told you na, don't be so tensed about it, everything will be fine."

Sidharth looked at her and replied unsurely, "Yeah I, I know that." Since he was worried about 'His' return, Khushali was doubtful and asked him why was he so tensed. To convince her that everything was fine, Sidharth lied about a client who was battling over company shares. To his good luck, Khushali was convinced and didn't ask him any question further.

Khushali smiled at him and gestured him to sit on the bed. Sidharth nodded and sat down. Khushali too came and sat beside him and passed him the coffee mug, and picked her mug as well. She then looked at Sidharth and asked curiously, "What did you wanted to talk about Sidharth?"

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