~ 8 ~

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^Young and old Derek Hale, they picked the right people for this. They just fit the part so well^

"Where's Lydia?" I asked Allison has we walked to first period together. She shook her heard has we sat down in our seats and listened to Coach yell at Greenburg most of the class period.

"I sometimes feel bad for him." I said has class ended and Allison and I left.

"I don't really talk to him." She said has we walked to her locker.

"Neither do I, but coach really hates him. Like hates him more then anything." I said leaning on a locker and looking around.

"Hey, it's nice to see you on my locker." A voice said behind me causing me to jump and hit my head. Allison looked over at me and grabbed on to my arm.

"Are you ok?" She asked. I nodded my head and looked at Simon.

"Hey, what do you need?" I asked looking over at him confused.

"I was wondering if you would like to sit with me at lunch?" He asked politely. I shook my head no and sprinted away. Once I got to class I sat in my seat and waited for class to begin.

"Why didn't you want to eat with him?" Allison said has she walked over to me.

"I'm with someone else and I don't want to lead him on." I said causing her to look at me confused.

"Who?" She said leaning over my desk. I looked around and I remembered what Stiles had said last night.

"Stiles." I said making her jaw drop to the floor.

"I was not expecting that." She said before turning around and the teacher walked in. After that class I found Stiles and pulled him in to the locker room.

"Where's Lydia?" I asked knowing he would know.

"She didn't come to school today, nether did Jackson." I nodded my head before looking back at him.

"Let's go to her house and check on her." I said before walking out of the locker room and out the door to Stiles car. A few minutes later Stiles walked out and unlocked his car. The ride to Lydia's was quite till I told him about what I said to Allison.

"So you're sure we won't get in trouble." He said looking at me has we pulled into her driveway.

"No, I know her mother really well. She's like a second mother to me." I said getting out of the car. Stiles got a text and then looked over at me.

"Scott just left school with Allison." I thought about it for a minute and then remembered it was her birthday.

"Well he is failing most of his classes. Only going to two of them on parent teacher conference night is the way to go." I said going up to the front door shaking my head. I knocked on the front door has Stiles walked over to me.

"Hey Mrs. Martin." I said has Lydia's mother opened the door. She greeted us and took us upstairs to see Lydia.

"Elena and Stiles are here Lydia." He mom said has she opened the door.

"What the hell is a Stiles?" Lydia said turning and looking at us.

"She had some medicine so she's a little out of it." Her mom said before going downstairs.

"Hey Lydia, do you remember what happened last night?" I asked sitting down by her.

"I saw a mountain lion." She said looking at us. Stiles sat down by me and looked at the animal on her bed side table.

"Lydia what's this?" He said holding the animal up.

"A mountain lion." She said before looking at us and freaking out a little.

"I saw a mountain lion." She repeated a few times like she was trying to convince her self of what she saw.

"Hey its ok, just get some rest." I said has Stiles got up from her bed. I rubbed her arm and soon she was out.

"Hey Elena, Lydia got the alpha on her camera." He said holding up her phone with a picture of the alpha. He sent himself a copy and deleted it off her phone and then we left.

Stiles dropped me off at my house and then went to his to look up more stuff. I went up to my room and noticed a smell that was familiar to me. I looked around and saw a Derek's leather jacket on my desk seat and I smiled.

"Hey Em, we need to get ready for the conference tonight. " I heard my mom say and then she opened the door. She was wearing a really nice shirt and some dress pants.

"You look really nice." I said making her smile.

"Thank you, now where is your brother?" She said looking around my room.

"He said he would meet us there." I said hoping she would believe me. She nodded her head and walked out of the room.

"You ok?" A voice said behind me making me jump.

"What is with people scaring me today?" I asked looking at Derek who was holding on to my shoulders so I wouldn't fall.

"You're an easy person to scare." He said smiling at me. I faked laughed at him and kissed him on the lips.
He kissed back and pulled me closer to him. His tongue asked for entrance which I accepted. I jumped up and he caught me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Before we went any further I pulled back and wrapped my arms around his head.

"We should probably stop my mom is right downstairs and has really good hearing for a non supernatural person." I said making him laugh again. I got off of him and went over to my closet getting a small coat I could put over me and turned around. Derek was sitting on my bed just watching me.

"OK if you were anyone else I would have a problem with that." I said walking out and pointing at him. He gave me a confused look and I went over and sat by him.

"The sitting and staring thing, you do." I said grabbing his hand and messing with his fingers. He lifted up my right hand and looked at my ring finger.

"It's the only thing my dad ever gave me that I kept." I said has he looked at my multi colored wolf ring I wore all the time.

"Well I really like it. It's really pretty on you." He said making me blush and look at the ground.

"Hey, I like it when you blush..' he said lifting my head up so he could see my face. I blushed some more and we were about to kiss before my mom yelled at me to get downstairs so we could go.

"I'll see you later.?" I asked has we both stood up.

"Yeah, you will." He said before giving me a quick kiss and jumping out my window. I went over and closed my window and then went downstairs.

At the conference most of my teachers said I was their best student and Scott needed to improve a lot. Then we got to Mr. Harris class and he's saying we need a male role and all. No, no male role ever, mom can data just not when she has us at home.

When we left, mom was mad at Scott for not showing up. Then all of a sudden a wild animal showed up and almost got Mr. Stilinski ran over, but he only has a bruise, so he's ok. And Stiles is super mad at Scott for causing that to happen.

So that's what happened, I'm thinking if I missed anything, no I didn't. Oh also when I got home Derek was asleep on my bed shirtless. Not saying I have a problem with that.

"Hey." A voice said has a got into my bed. I turned around and looked at Derek.

"Hey " I said looking at him.

"If this is going to be a every night thing, I'm ok with that." I said causing him to smile at me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

"Well I guess it is becoming a every night thing." He said wrapping his arms around me.

"I didn't know you liked to cuddle." I said before falling asleep on his stomach.

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