Chapter 11

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"Evelyn." A smiled automatically smeared across Zayn's face beautiful young human girl walked through the door to his room, carrying a tray containing a crystal container of warm blood, and a plate of some bread and slices of meat. 

Once again, Zayn felt that same heart pounding feeling of adrenaline and happiness he felt the first time he met her. He didn't know what it was about Evelyn, but whenever she was in the room, the notorious Zayn Malik would feel like a kid on Christmas day.

When he was around, he felt like his life had a meaning, that there were more to life than sex, alcohol, the sadistic pleasure he obtain from torturing innocent souls, from killing, and the sweet sensation human blood can give him.

She made him feel something he hadn't felt in millenniums.

She brought a warmth and light to him that he had long forgotten...

Everything about her was inviting to him. Though Evelyn was nowhere near as perfect, intelligent or strong as some of the past women in his life, but there was still something about the young human. Something that made Zayn mad with lust and overrun by a feel of protectiveness and possessiveness.

"Your majesty." The human curtsied gracefully before crossing the spacious room that would belong to Zayn for the duration of his stay.

With each step that took her closer to the monster, who had not only changed her life for the worst but had the power of killing not only her but everyone who she had ever loved.

Evelyn felt she was entering the cave of a blood thirsty lion. She had to behave when she was in his presence; Evelyn knew that-for the sake of the people she loved.

His room was right next to hers.

The thought of sleeping with only a breakable, concrete wall between herself and the devil frightened Evelyn. It caused a shiver of chill to ooze down her spine as the possibilities of Zayn entering her room in the middle of the night flashed across her mind...

She dared not to think what kind of things he would do to her.

Evelyn had noticed the lustful gaze in his eyes whenever she was around, and it made her feel uncomfortable. She felt him undress her with his eyes, and she could almost picture the dirty things he wanted to do to her. It took every ounce of bravery she had to contain her fear and not run away from him at first sight.

The first night they had met, he seemed so normal, so sweet, and so kind and gentle... She though he was a good guy, somebody fun to talk to... But when she found out he was the one taking her away from her family, her life, she knew there were impure intentions in his heart.

"You don't have to be afraid." That deep and powerful voice interrupted Evelyn's thoughts as she realised Zayn had took hold of one of her hands, pulling her closer to him. "Not of me anyway."

His voice was so tender and affectionate that for a moment there, Evelyn almost believed him, until she remembered that he was a monster; a vampire.

Never taking his eyes off her, Zayn pulled Evelyn closer and placed her onto his lap.

"You're so beautiful," Zayn whispered as he wrapped his muscular arms protectively around Evelyn, holding her close.

For the first time in a long time, Zayn felt at peace, he felt happy and relaxed. With Evelyn in his arms, he had never felt happier.

The human cringed as Zayn gently planted a kiss onto her delicate neck. Having the lips of a vampire so close to her pulsing veins was something that had terrified Evelyn ever since she was a little girl. And maybe that childhood fear was what made her brave enough for what she did next...

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