Cheating Lying Bastard

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I knew you would do this

Make promises then leave

Ripped out and tore up my heart

Now mending it's up to me.

Honestly I don't think now

That you ever loved me really

Just tricked me for your own personal gain

And I fell for it , well nearly.

I know about her darling

How did you think I wouldn't?

You thought you tricked us both

I'm telling you, you couldn't.

But after all this, sadly

I still love you

I wish I had a choice

But I don't think I do.

I now know why you said

We couldn't tell a soul,

It was so she never knew

You fucking arsehole.

I know all what you've done

And I swear if you do it again

Everyone will find out

I'll drink to that, Amen!

You say you're so religious

But what you've done is a sin

Doesn't that make you feel bad?

But no, you just grin.

I dont belive in religion

But I'll swear to "God" this time

If it takes to long to get over you,

Then I would rather die. 

I knew you would do this to me

Make promises and leave,

But you have taught me never again, 

To wear my heart apon my sleeve.