Chapter 2: Announcement

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Astrid's POV

"Okay, alright everyone settle down!" Hiccup yelled. Everyone was gathered at the Great Hall to hear Hiccup's announcement. Since I was not yet the chieftess, I had to join the crowd instead of joining Hiccup on the announcers stage.

"Okay, well welcome everyone! Since you are all here, and are all probably very curious on why I gathered you here. I have a very big announcement to make... Astrid will you join me up here please?"  He asked me and so I walked up there and stood with him. He took my hand in his. "Astrid and I are engaged! The wedding will be the day after tomorrow." He raised our locked hands into the air.

The room was silent at first, but then everyone burst into shouts, cheers, and congratulations. Ruffnut ran over to me to look at my ring and hugged me tight while the boys were all patting Hiccup's back and punching his shoulder.

"The ring is beautiful, Astrid! I'm so happy for the both of you! Congratulations!" Ruffnut exclaimed, breaking the hug. I then noticed Hiccup's mom, Valka, making her way over to me and then Hiccup was by my side again, wanting to know what his mom had to say.

"Congratulations to the both of you. I'm very glad to see my son with such a fine, beautiful women. You picked very well son." She said, giving us both hugs.

"Thank you." We both said in unison.

As the hours dragged on, everyone finally made their last congrats and left to go home. It was now dark and Hiccup walked me home like he does every night.

"Ah, well here we are milady."

"Oh, well thank you. Would you like to come in for a bit to hang out?" I asked.

"I would love to, but unfortunately I have to get up early to start my chiefly duties." He answered, sounding upset by that.

"Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow then, Hiccup." He put his arms around my waist as I put mine around his neck. He pulled me close and kissed me passionately. We broke apart and he released me from his grip.

"Bye, my beautiful fiancée." He said, before starting to walk home.

----The Next Day----

I woke up with a big smile on my face as I remembered the events of yesterday. I am engaged, I'm getting married tomorrow! I'm so excited!

It was about lunch time when I woke up. I honestly can't believe I slept that late, but yesterday was pretty exhausting. I then heard someone knock on my front door.

"Astrid!?" I heard a familiar voice yell.

"Yeah, I'm in here! Come on in!" I yelled from my room. I then heard the familiar sound of Hiccup walking, click-thump-click-thump. He came in my room and leaned against the doorframe, watching me as I was in the process of braiding my hair.

"You're so beautiful." He tells me.

"Thank you, and you are so handsome." I said. I finished braiding my hair and walked over to him, placing my hands on his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Thank you, milady. And since I got up early this morning and finished my chores, I'm yours for the rest of the day." He just looked at me smiling as I gazed into his emerald eyes.

"Okay... Well how about we pack a lunch and go to the cove." I said.

"That sounds great!" He said, placing a hand over his stomach. "I haven't ate all day and I'm kinda hungry."

"Okay then lets go."
At the cove

Me and Hiccup finished our lunch, having random conversations during it. He was now sitting down in the grass, leaning up against a boulder. I was sitting on his lap with my head resting against his chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart, which was starting to make me sleepy.

"How many kids do you want, Hiccup?" I asked, just out of curiosity.

"Oh, I don't know. Probably just one or two. What about you?" I turned my head to look at him. I smiled and he smiled back.

"I think two is good. A boy then a girl is what I would like." He smiled again before kissing me softly. When he broke the kiss, he pulled me back to rest my head on his chest, his arms wrapping securely around me.

"That sounds perfect." He said, kissing the top of my head.

"I love you, Hiccup."

"I love you too, Astrid."

We stayed like this for a while before returning to the village to see what kind of mischief the others were getting into.

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