princeton imagine

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Desiray Princeton Imagine


Desiray pov

Tonight me and my girls gonna go to the club they trynna cheer me up because me and my ex just went through a hard breakup and I’ve been depressed lately but I really do wanna go.

Desiray :

Kiki :

Amarri :

Amarri : come on desi lets go

Desiray : I dont wanna go

Kiki : girl if you dont get yo ass out here imma drag you

Desiray : ok fine

At the club

Playing :

Amarri : aye dis my song (go dances on a random dude)

Kiki : remember have fun (walks away)

Desiray : whatever (goes to the bar)

Desiray : hey can I have a apple martini

Bartender : yes

??: I’ll pay for it and get me one too

Desiray : I dont need you to buy it

??: but I want to baby (hands the money to the bartender)

Desiray : I don’t even know your name

??: my name is Princeton now you do (smirks)

Desiray : okay I’m Desiray why did you buy it

Princeton : because I saw a beautiful lady sitting at the bar by herself

Desiray : (blushes) okay

Princeton : tell me about you

Desi : well just got out of a bad relationship

Prince: me too

Desi : what happened with you

Prince : she only wanted my money

Desi : oh I’m sorry

Prince : naw its fine what about you

Desi : he cheated

Prince : oh you wants some more to drink

Desi : yeah

A few drinks later

Desi : (drunk) Oooo come on lets dance (hiccups and laughs)

Prince : (tipsy) ok

Playing :

Desi : (twerking on him)

Prince : O.O damn Mami

Desi : (rubs her ass on him)

Prince : (get a boner)

Desi : (feels it on her ass and rubs it)

Prince : (whispers in you ear) maldita ma i wanna fuck tan fuerte (damn ma I wanna fuck you so hard)

Desi : do it then

Prince : (carries you bridal style to his car and speed home)

His house

Desi : come on princey

Prince : go up to the room ill be there I a minute

Desi ok (goes to the room)

Few minutes later

Prince goes upstairs and sees you sleep

Prince : desi wake up

Desi : hmmm

Prince : here take to asrpin so you won’t have a headache.

Desi: (sits up) ok (takes the medicine) (bites lip) I still want you though

Prince : ok (climbs on top if you and whispers) imma rock yo world tonight

Desi : (smiles)

Prince : (kisses soft spot)

Desi : (moans)

Prince unzipped your dress and kissed your collarbone to your neck to your shoulder blade. You took off your heels and he took off his shirt and pushed you on the bed climbing on top of you. You were moaning softly while he was kissing your neck and giving you deep passion marks. He undid your bra massaging both breast while kissing you. He licked down your stomach to the rim of your panties then kissed the inside of your thighs. He pulled down your panties with teeth and kissed your “lips ” and put your legs on his shoulders. He started flicking his tounge against your clit the stuck his tounge in you. He was licking as much as he could and softly rubbing your clit. Your pushed his head deeper while yelling “prince in gonna cum ” and he started licking faster. You finally released and he licked all of it up and kissed letting you taste it. Prince got up and took his jeans and boxers off and put a condom on. He got back on top of you slowly stuck all nine inches in you letting you get use to his huge size. Prince pulled out and rammed back in you causing your head to hit the windshield a little and moan. He kept doing that but a faster pace and kissing you to calm you down so the neighbors wont hear. You started rubbing his back and started scratching when he went even faster. The room was filled with moans grunts and clapping noises. You flipped you two over and started grinding on him making him harder with his eyes rolling back. You stuck it in you placed your hands on his chest and went hard.

Prince : mmmh DAMN BABY

You started getting tired after awhile so he flipped you over on to all fours and rammed back in to you and said “whos yo daddy ”

Desiray : (moaning) YOU

prince : (slaps your ass) WHAT’S MY NAME

Desiray : PRINCETON!!

Y’all kept going like that for 10 minutes then you heard prince grunt really loud then you felt warm liquids inside you then you cummed. Prince slowly pulled out and layed next to you breathless. Once he caught hid breath he looked at you and you were already sleep. He kissed your ear then wrapped his arms around you falling asleep

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