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Desiray Princeton Imagine


Desiray pov

Tonight me and my girls gonna go to the club they trynna cheer me up because me and my ex just went through a hard breakup and I’ve been depressed lately but I really do wanna go.

Desiray :

Kiki :

Amarri :

Amarri : come on desi lets go

Desiray : I dont wanna go

Kiki : girl if you dont get yo ass out here imma drag you

Desiray : ok fine

At the club

Playing :

Amarri : aye dis my song (go dances on a random dude)

Kiki : remember have fun (walks away)

Desiray : whatever (goes to the bar)

Desiray : hey can I have a apple martini

Bartender : yes

??: I’ll pay for it and get me one too

Desiray : I dont need you to buy it

??: but I want to baby (hands the money to the bartender)

Desiray : I don’t even know your name

??: my name is Princeton now you do (smirks)

Desiray : okay I’m Desiray why did you buy it

Princeton : because I saw a beautiful lady sitting at the bar by herself

Desiray : (blushes) okay

Princeton : tell me about you

Desi : well just got out of a bad relationship

Prince: me too

Desi : what happened with you

Prince : she only wanted my money

Desi : oh I’m sorry

Prince : naw its fine what about you

Desi : he cheated

Prince : oh you wants some more to drink

Desi : yeah

A few drinks later

Desi : (drunk) Oooo come on lets dance (hiccups and laughs)

Prince : (tipsy) ok

Playing :

Desi : (twerking on him)

Prince : O.O damn Mami

Desi : (rubs her ass on him)

Prince : (get a boner)

Desi : (feels it on her ass and rubs it)

Prince : (whispers in you ear) maldita ma i wanna fuck tan fuerte (damn ma I wanna fuck you so hard)

Desi : do it then

Prince : (carries you bridal style to his car and speed home)

His house

Desi : come on princey