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I ran up the stairs and quickly changed into a baggy t-shirt and Nike shorts.

I'm still furious with Zach but I can let him know. At the next fight I'll kick his sorry ass, but for now I have o pretend that everything's perfectly fine.

I threw my hair into a messy bun and walked down stairs. As I did I heard the door swing open then be slammed shut.

That must be Zach.

"hey" I said trying to hide my anger

"Hi Lexi" he sighed

"Everything ok?" I asked

"Just peachy" he said sarcastically

I shrugged. I would've said the same thing. I sat down on the couch flipping threw random channels. Zach sat down holding me.

"You sure your fine?" I questioned

"I am now"


I woke up and rolled over.i got dressed and went to school.

I skipped first and second period and I was out spray painting the side of the school.

Please don't ask me why because I'll just say something like, because I felt like it.

"Thought I'd find you out here" said Zach behind me and made me jump

"You scared the freak'n hell out of me!" I yelled at him

He just laughed at me.

"You know you could get in some serious shit for doing this." He stated

"So?" I said continuing

"You know they have an art club" he said

"You know this is more fun" I turned to him

He laughed leaving.

After a while I had finished and was about to leave when I heard someone yelling at me.

"You! To the principles office right now!" I turned around seeing the vice principle

She gave me a glare then I walked to the principles office with her. We sat in the waiting room and she shot daggers from her eyes to me.

I shrugged and I swear I saw steam coming out of her ears. The principle came out.

"What is it" he sighed. Obviously he didn't care for what the vice had to say.

"I caught this student damaging school property" she stated proudly

He sighed "let me see"

We once again walked back. He looked at it thinking for a second.

"This is great!" He exclaimed

"What?" Me and the vice both said

"I love it! Would you like to join the art club. And if you want I'll let you paint murals around the school!" He offered

"Sure" I shrugged

"The art club has a meeting every Wednesday" he told me

The vice just looked at him. Stared like she didn't believe what had just happened.

I smirked and walked away.

Classes were boring so that was the highlight of my day.


The next morning I slept in because school sucks and it's Saturday.

I woke up and rolled over on top of someone.

"You know you are a good pillow" I mumbled into Zach's chest

He laughed and I opened my eyes to see him smiling.

I sat up and ran my fingers threw my hair and yawned. I grabbed my hair brush brushing my hair out and Zach just watched me.

I put my hair in a messy bun and put on sweat pants. I sat back down in my bed next to Zach.

"So you joining the art club" he asked me

"Yeah. How'd you know" I asked him

"I saw the principle there" he said

"Then you saw the vice's face" I asked laughed

"Hell I did! That was amazing" he laughed

"Want to see something cool" I asked

He nodded and I got up and walked to the truck.

"Nice." He said looking over everything that I did

"I fixed it" I said

"I figured. I saw it was in better shape"he said

"Let's drive it" he said getting in the passenger seat

I got in the drivers side and started the engine pushing the gas.

He laughed "you like fast"

"Hell yeah" I said

I drove it in front of Callie's house and got out. I walked inside.

"Hey Callie, I fixed this truck. Can I have it" I asked

She nodded "yes. We knew you were fixing it"

"Thanks" I said without a forced smile. This one was real

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