"What are you doing love?" Missy asked.

"We're going camping for four days, and it's complicated." Josh said.

"What am I supposed to do for four days? Do laundry?" Missy asked.

"It's complicated alright." Josh said.

Maya came out of the house as Missy was really mad even though Josh couldn't understand it, but he was getting a little annoyed of Missy just a bit seeing that she was mad, because Maya was coming along with him as Maya was heading towards them.

"Excuse me? What is she doing here?" Missy asked.

"That's what the complication part is." Josh said.

"Hello, is there a problem?" Maya asked.

"Actually, yes there is a problem I don't feel comfortable with all this." Missy said.

"I know right ex-husband and ex-wife camping together? I think you should come with us." Maya said.

"Okay I'm not much of a nature girl, but why not." Missy said.


Maya decided to play a trick on Josh and the girls when she doesn't want to go as she saw Missy coming with the camping gear she smiled when she noticed the girls looked upset that Missy was tagging along she hoped the girls would behave, or do something crazy with her.

"Dad, what is she doing here?" Chelsea asked rudely.

"Your mother invited her." Josh said.

"Dad, she'll ruined everything." Chloe said.

"Be nice." Josh said from Chloe to Chelsea.

Maya watched Josh and Missy get into the jeep as the girls were standing up as Maya decided to make her plan work even better when she patted the jeep, and Josh got weird look on his face same for the girls.

"Alright everyone have a good time." Maya said.

"What are you doing, Maya?" Josh asked.

"I'm not going." Maya said.

"What? No mom that was part of the plan." Chloe said.

"If she doesn't go then I don't have to go." Missy said.

"Missy, I want you to go, and get to know the girls after all starting next week they will be half yours you know." Maya said smirking.

Maya watched Josh start pulling out of the driveway when she saw two more vehicles following behind them as Riley and Morgan both were standing by Maya on each side watching them leave when Maya was looking at Riley, her best friend since they were young.

"I bet fifty dollars she won't climb the mountain." Riley said.

"I hope she falls off the cliff." Morgan said.

The girls started giggling as they both walked inside Josh's house that they were going to be watching his house for four days as Riley and Morgan hope the kids would get rid of Missy.


Everyone have arrived at the camping spot where the mountain was at as Josh, Eric, and Cory decided to lead as Topanga and Josie were following behind them. Chelsea, Jasmine, Auggie, and Jacob where following them as Missy was behind them when Ava, Shane, Chloe, and Eric Jr. started putting rocks into Missy's backpack when they were climbing up the mountains.

"Can we stop?" Missy asked.

"Everybody we are stopping!" Josh yelled.

"What? Missy, what's your excuse to stop we barely started, and now you lacking down there." Eric said.

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