the police started screaming, running towards our waiting cell and i punched the woman over and over again.

she tackled me and the police got her off of me.

they threw her into a separate cell and ezra came over.

they opened the door and let mom out.

i went to walk out but they slammed it shut.

"not you swift."

"what?! why the hell not?"

"we went through your records."

"i am in the military you bastard! i am a chief commander!"

mom looked at the guy, "you have to let her out! she has children!"

he shook his head, "cordell. get her to the cells." he said.

officers came in and cuffed me, "this way." they said and yanked me.

i grunted and mom shouted, "sam we're gonna get you out! i promise baby!"

i looked back at them and a tear dripped from my eye.

they walked me to an office area first.

"strip." they said.

"excuse me?"

"you heard me. strip." a mean looking woman said.

i sighed and took everything off.

"bend over."

i gave her a weird look.

but i agreed and bent over.



"yes. cough." she said as she observed.

i sighed and coughed.

"come on you got more than that blondie."

i coughed louder and she nodded, "stand up. put these on and follow me." she said.

it's a tanish, gray outfit with black shoes.

i put the granny panties on and bra.

then the outfit.

"this way." she said and led me down a hallway.

she opened a door and i saw 3 women.

"you're gonna need these for your bed. have fun." she closed the door and i sighed.

"look at you blondie. what'd you do?" one woman with frizzy hair asked.

"are you sam swift?" one woman asked as i set up the bed i got on the bottom bunk.

"uh yeah. i am. why?" i said.

she shrugged, "i like your music."

i chuckled, "thanks..."

"how long you in for?" another woman asked.

"i don't know, they didn't tell me." i said and played with my hands.

selena pov

when i only saw taylor walk out i knew there was an issue.

"well? what happened?" i asked with the twins in their stroller.

"they won't let sam out. she's in a jail cell now." ezra said.

"what?! how could that happen?" i said.

"they know about her drug use and how she started the fire."

i groaned, "for how long?"

"i don't know! they wouldn't tell us." taylor said and sighed.

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