Nate M Imagine

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He gets protective


It was one of Nate's friends birthday and he had invited you guys to his party at a club, at first Nate was reluctant on letting you go because there were going to be a lot of guys there that would be drunk and flirt with you, but he let you go with him anyways.

After getting ready for about 3 hours you guys got in the car and drove to the club. Walking into the club Nate never let go of your hand, until you pulled away going to talk to your friend you saw sitting at the bar "I'll be over there, at the bar" you yelled to Nate over the loud music "Ok be safe" he said giving you a quick kiss on the lips letting you leave. You had been chatting with your friend, until she went to go use the restroom when the guy next to you decided to talk to you "Hi there little lady" he said clearly drunk "Um hi" you said feeling uncomfortable "Mind if I get you a drink" he said slowly putting his hand on your thigh, making you slap his hand away hopping off the bar stool "Oh come on don't act like you don't like it" the man said his eyes turning a darker brown then they already where "Just leave me alone" you said before turning around getting ready to go find Nate but the man pulls you back and slaps his sweaty hand over you mouth causing you to scream for help.

Nate had been looking for you for a while and when he heard your scream he ran towards the sound only to see the man with his hand still on your mouth. He lounged at the man causing the man to fall to the ground letting you go "Don't ever touch my girlfriend!" he yelled at the man before walking over to you helping you off the floor pulling you into a tight hug "Lets go home" he said before pulling you out the club.



Protective Nate is hot af


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