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I took another drink of water and stared at my laptop screen.

the words 'YOU HAVE BEEN A BAD GIRL' was popped up on my screen. it was a message from somebody on Twitter, by the username of 'unknown_man'.

I hardly ever use my Twitter, I go on about once a week or so. it's not a big thing for me.

I just wondered who this person was... who is this man? where is he? is he stalking me? so much is going through my head that I don't even hear the front door open and close.

I hear the shuffling in the living room and I excitedly run downstairs to see Vic, but it was most certainly not Vic.

this man was extremely tall and had short blonde hair. I couldn't see his face because he was turned around looking at the door. he was wearing a big black trench coat and a pair of black boots.

I stepped closer but of course the floor creaked when I did.

the man turned around swiftly and I could see his full face. he had blue eyes with smiles lines around them. he had small lips that curved into a smile when he looked at me.

"w-who are you?" I asked, starting to get nervous, not knowing who this man is.

"my name is Michael." he said, still keeping the creepy smile on his face.

"what are you doing in my house?" I asked, starting to back up.

"well little girl, I guess Angelina didn't tell you about me, I a-" he began to speak but got cut off by the door opening, which revealed a drunk Vic.

I ran to the door, passing Michael and helped Vic get inside.

he stumbled in and I grabbed his arm, guiding him to the stairs so he could get in his room.

but before he would even step on the first stair he turned his head around and his eyes widened, seeing who was standing there watching us.

"you!" he yelled and turned all the way around with clenched fists.

"pleasure to see you again Victor." Michael said, eyeballing him.

"you little shit! why are you here?" he yelled walking towards Michael.

"Angelina told me to come over." he spoke.

"well I don't give a shit what Angelina told you, you get the fuck out of my house!" he yelled, taking a step towards Michael.

"Vic calm down," I said, grabbing his shoulder "I think you should leave Michael. I don't know what my mother has told you but you need to go before someone gets hurt." I said, looking Michael straight in the eye.

"mother? so you are her pretty little daughter." he said, walking towards me and Vic. Vic growled and grabbed me by my waist, which surprised me and I got goosebumps.

Vic was touching me, I loved it.

"well, I will be going now, but expect to see me again precious." he said and winked.

with that he walked out of our house, leaving me and Vic to be surrounded by an eerie silence.

I looked at him. he just stared at the door, his arms still wrapped around my waist with a firm grip.

I just wanted more of him.

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