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     And there I stood, in the middle of Jefferson High palms sweating and heart racing. I was so stoked to have finally figured out  out who my mate was. I saw him. Last night in my dreams, I felt his wolf calling out to mine, and if it wasn't for the familiarity of the growl that escaped the wolf's lips, I wouldn't have known who it was. I was so glad that it wasn't some stranger, but someone who I've been around me for most of fifteen years of my life.

     I scanned around and looked for him. And my inner wolf purred at the sight of him, and I cursed the bullets of sweat forming on my forehead. I wiped them as I slowly made my way to our future Alpha.

      Who would've thought my father's jokes with George on me being mates with him since we were so inseparable when we were young would come true. My shaky fingers tapped him lightly at the shoulders, and I began chewing on the skin inside my lips, something I noticed I do every time I'm nervous.

     He turned around and when he saw that it was me, he smirked "Well look here, the cutest dork of em' all" He said and the people behind him laughed, as for me I felt my face heat up. "Can I talk to you?" He nodded and I added "Alone?" He looked at his friends and they left. I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding.

     "What's up, Case?" He looked down at me, the age of fifteen he's really tall, 5'11 if I'm correct, and here I am looking up at him. "I- Uhm- You're.." I stuttered he looked at me, clearly amused "What?" He asked laughing. "Spit it out Case, we've got a class to get to." He reminded me, and my stomach dropped and my heart feels like someone keeps jumping on top of it. Keep it down in there. I growled at myself. Oh great now I'm talking to my organs. Maybe I'm going crazy. I mentally slapped myself.


     I stared down at my converse biting my lip nervously, this is so harder than saying it in front of my mirror.  "Iwasjustwonderingifyouknewyou'remymate?" I said in one breath. I was so relieved that I finally got it out.

     Excitement bubbled my nerves as I wait for his reply. I was greeted with silence. A few moments later, the bell shrieked, letting know the students only have a minute to get to class. Neither of us moved or said a word. I was getting nervous.

      I finally got the courage to look up and our eyes met. His dark blue eyes showed confusion, sadness, and...pity? Why pity? He should be happy right? He finally found his mate.

     He broke our gaze, and I instantly knew something wasn't right. "Hey, umm Jace, what's wrong?" He was looking every where but me. "You're not my mate." He muttered lowly, but I was able to hear him very clearly. I looked up at him in shock.

     "Wait..what?" I asked stuttering "I said you're not my mate, and you'll never will be!" he yelled, and with that he walked away leaving me shocked, confused, angry and hurt.

     Did he just reject me? His one and only mate? The self pity left out of my system as soon as it came, I was hurt yes, but I was more angry and disgusted. And from what I've been told I make super irrational decisions when I'm angry.

- Jason -

     I knew it!

     I knew she was my mate, its just hard for me to accept it yet. Maybe it's because I'm not ready to be tied down yet. I know it's stupid. Everybody wants to find their mate, I didn't know what's wrong with me. Or maybe I do. My wolf wanted to murder me the moment I walked away from her, and I almost let him.

     The Jones brothers walked in casually, I was expecting Casey behind them, but she wasn't there. It's been three days since I saw her, since I rejected her.

     Did I hurt her that bad?

     Yes jackass, you did. My wolf growled at me.

     I didn't mean to. Sure you didn't

      I'm just not ready to have a mate. I really want to rip your head of right now.

     Why don't you? I challenged him. Well I would if it isn't mine also. Exactly I win so shut the fuck up. And boy I was so glad he listened to me.

     Lane, the oldest of the four sat down next to me, where he usually sits "Hey Dale, Casey wants you to have this" he gave me a folded note.

     "Where is she, anyways?" I asked him, he looked at me "It was suppose to be in the note." He said poking the note roughly in my hands.

      Right, Casey must've told him. "Look," I started "Lane you don't-" I didn't even get to finish because he interrupted me  "Just read the damn note Dale" He huffed while crossing his arms and leading back in his seat. I stared at him for a while, and then opened the note.


     The reason I'm writing this letter to you is because I'm forced to. Maybe this is a stupid idea for me to leave, but honestly I don't want to see you around  school or town because I don't have the strength to put myself through that. So yes, I'm being a coward. But I rather be one than seeing your face. So yeah goodbye or whatever.

     - Casey Jones.

    After reading that letter for about fifteen times, It hit me.

     She left.

    I was shocked and hurt.

     I don't know where she went, my wolf was just begging to come out then and there. He wants to go after his mate.

     I turned to Nate, the second oldest, and asked him quickly "When did Case leave?" He was surprised, "Yesterday" He said slowly his eye brows furrowed in confusion. "She didn't tell you?"  I shook my head "Where did she go?" I almost didn't recognize my voice. He raised his eyebrows at me "Oh, umm let's see..." He said putting his finger at his chin and snapped his fingers "California!" He said smiling proudly that he remembered "What?!!!" I jumped up from my chair causing some heads to turn, and the room fell into a silence.

     "She moved all the way to another country?!"


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