Chapter Seven

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"Bev, are you okay?" Wesley asks and even though I don't look at him, I can 100% tell the way he is looking at me. "I'm okay" I say, handing him his coffee. "Are you sure?" I roll my eyes and look at him. "I'm sure." And I am sure, I am okay, it's not like I'm sad, hurt or deeply offended, I'm just kind of pissed. But if I told Wesley, he'd flip out completely and show up at school to make Mr. Tarker's life a living hell. And I don't want that, I don't need any drama. So I just sit down next to Wes and smile. There's no point in thinking into this so much anyway.

"Are you okay?" I ask. He sighs dramatically. "I don't know. See, I've met this girl." My eyes widen and my lips grow into a smirk. "You have?" He laughs nervously. "Well, yes. And she is like ... the most beautiful girl ever." "Let me guess, you haven't talked to her so technically, you didn't meet her." He rolls his eyes too now. "Technicalities, girl. The point is ... she seems really shallow and she's loaded, I think, I mean, she wears like the most expensive shit." I look at him doubtfully. "That does not sound like your kind of girl, Wes." He nods eagerly. "Yes, I know, I know but maybe, she's different. You never know. She could be totally into rap music and cheesy pizza." I laugh, shaking my head. "Where did you see her?" He laughs too. "We were walking through the mall and there she was, so beautiful." I shake my head, still amused. "Well, talk to her and I think you can read people pretty quickly. And then you'll see if she's worth your attention and your ... worship." "Never am I telling you anything everr again, Beverly." I get up and shake my head. "Good luck, man. I gotta go and wake up Daley." "He'll kill you." "He'll be too tired."

As soon as I make it home, I turn on the stereo but not too loud, only loud enough to make Daley wake up. Because he can tell me that he wants to sleep in all he wants, later he'll be complaining about how I could let him sleep the day away because now he won't be able to sleep at night. I enjoy the rest of my Starbucks while making some pancakes and I don't know if it's the music or the scent ascending from the kitchen that make him finally cave and get out of bed. "Morning" he mumbles, running his fingers through his messy hair which definitely needs to be washed. "I suggest a shirt" I reply, pointing at his bare chest. "Right" he says and turns right back around, grabbing a shirt from the sofa. "No pancakes until you've showered though" I say and he stares at me. "You're mean." Sometimes I don't know if we act like this because I'm a teacher or if Daley just needs a mother figure for his own good. Either way, it works.

Because when he comes back into the kitchen, he's fully dressed, his hair is clean and styled and he looks about ready to walk down the catwalk to present some expensive ass fashion. "Don't tell me you've been out already" he says, pointing at my Starbucks cup and staring at me as if I'm insane. I laugh. "I went down to get coffee, got insulted by Mr. Tarker who I think I've told you about in front of all Starbucks customers that were in there which you can imagine are a lot at this time of the day and then went to see Wes." "He insulted you, how?" Daley asks. I shake my head, shrugging it off. "You know how guys like him are." "No, I'd like to know." I sigh. "It's nothing, really. You know I'm a big girl, I can handle it." He comes around the table and takes my hand but I shake him off and turn away. "I know you're not hurt by shit like that but he can't just go around talking to people like that. Personally, I don't like him talking to you that way but I know we've talked about this before and I know you don't want anybody defending your ass but this guy is a teacher for fucks sake. What if he talks to some kids like this? Or what if he talks to others who it will affect like this? You can't be okay with that." "I've told him off. But people like him are never going to understand what they're doing wrong." "There has to be something that can be done about him." "It pisses me off too much, can we not talk about this right now?" Daley sighs and nods. "Alright but come here." I look at him and can't help but laugh as he widens his arms and pulls me in for a hug. I'm only tall enough for my face to be on the height of his chest but I still breathe out in relief and smile when he rubs my back and then pulls away to smile back at me. "Thanks, Daley." He pokes my side. "No problemo" he grins and grabs a plate, sitting down at the table to serve himself my breakfast.

We spend the rest of the day across the table from eachother, both on our laptops with Daley writing and me planning class. Because I don't want some dull start to the year, I'm going to be with these kids for a few years and I want them to remember me just like I'm going to remember them and I want it to be a special experience. So I plan a few games and some activities that are not lame like the old teacher's attempts to make class more fun and quirky but some actual fun stuff that's going to make the given things that I have to teach anyway a little bit less boring. Because honestly, no matter the generation, I know that when I was at school, all I needed to make a lesson bearable was some group work. Another way not to make class appear dull is not just dryly lecture them about things but get into some topics they're curious about a little deeper, to not be afraid to get off topic a little bit because that's what they enjoy. Only I have it under control, unlike some other teachers who love to talk about their childhoods which is interesting to the kids but they're also not respecting you properly because they know you're just losing your train of thought. And that's most important to me, that the students meet me with the same respect that I have for them.

"Oh, hey, Daley. I didn't tell you, Wes is head over heels for this girl he saw at the mall and she's like some rich bitch." Daley laughs and looks up from his computer. "Really?" I grin. "Yeah, it's amazing. I told him to talk her and I mean, he's not stupid but I really really cannot wait for him to tell me about it." "Keep me in the loop, please." I laugh. "Sure thing. Speaking of girls though, what ever happened to that girl I had breakfast with?" He rolls his eyes. "I still hate you for that." "She didn't look like had any intention to leave but still wanted to let you sleep so I offered her some waffles. She was skinny as fuck but she still said yes." "She's still calling." "Maybe you should tell them before you bring them home that you don't want them to stay in the morning. Or ... and here comes like the killer idea, how about you go home to their place, then you can leave in the morning and also ... oh, what was the other benefit of that scenario? Oh, right! I don't have to put up with brainless blondies!" "For someone who preaches not to be judgemental, Bev, you can be a real bitch." "Hey, I say this to you, to fuck with you but to them, I'm nothing but nice, not all of them are the queen of the brainless but some are, some I've had some pretty deep conversations with. By the way, do you know what you do when you talk to them about your books and they're interested but then you never call them again? You lose fans, that's what you're doing." He shuts his laptop and shakes his head. "Bev, you are clueless." Okay, maybe I am his teacher. I tell him these things because I know that he will think about them, no matter how he reacts while I point them out.

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