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After destroying and conquering the world, Megatron returned to his warship. To tell the good news to his fellow Decepticons......

Megatron: *Enters to the warship* DECEPTICONS! I HAVE RETURNED!

Decepticons: .........................

Megatron: *Looks over to see Starscream dancing in front of the Decepticons.*

Starscream: All hail.....................

Decepticons: ...........................

Starscream: Decepticons! *Turns to the Decepticons and sees Megatron and squeals like a girl and runs behind Steve*

Megatron: As I was saying, I have returned and finally conquered Earth with such rare power!

Soundwave: *Walks in out of nowhere* How does one wield such power, Lord Megatron?

Megatron: Here, I shall demonstrate with Starscream. *Walks to Starscream who is still hiding behind Steve* Starscream come here.

Starscream: Oh my Primus, Lord Megatron please don't take my spark out! 

Steve: *Grabs Starscream by the shoulder and throws him in front of Megatron.

Megatron: Are you ready to feel this power?

Starscream: *Glups* No.

Decepticons: (Including Shockwave and Knockout) *Whispering to each other*

*Suspense violin music plays*

Megatron: *Gets really close to Starscream and is about to "show this power to him" *

Starscream: Wait! For Primus' sake, Soundwave stop with the scary music!

Everyone: *Looks to see Soundwave playing the violin*

Soundwave: Oops....*Disappears in the dark then reappears next to Knockout*

Megatron: *Hugs Starscream before he can say anything*

Everyone: *Gasps*

Starscream: *Pushes Megatron away* It feels powerful.......

Everyone: *Shouting around and hugging each other*

Megatron: Yes! Yes! Decepticons, feel this power we shall use it to destroy the Autobots for once and for all! Muwhahahahaha!

Steve: I can feel it and I never felt like this before!

*Lots of noises and hugs are going around the warship until music plays*

Everyone: Shut up Soundwave!

Soundwave: *Looks at everyone and hisses and disappears in the dark*