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I placed my phone on the speaker plugging it in, Planes by , began to play and was the only thing anyone could hear as I turned away from the mirror in only my lingerie. Looking at Shawn and his lustful eyes I knew he desperately wanted to tear me out my clothes but he laid there on the bed in only his boxers awaiting my arrival to the bed. I looked at the mirror once more before muttering something to myself. I turned my head back around again to see my face. Happiness was visible for once. Making me give a small smile while looking at the ground. I looked back up at Shawn and continued my path to the bed,

Catch me rolling through the city.

I crawled onto the bed getting closer to him. Our bodies touched and I felt sparks as my lips found there way to his.

Riding with the top off.

His hands traveled from my breasts which he gave a quick harsh squeeze making me let out a quiet but audible moan and I knew he was smirking out of satisfaction. He kept moving his fingers downwards till he reached my clit. Which he began to rub and the pleasure I felt was unimaginable. I began to kiss his neck as he still rubbed me and the taste of him made me feel amazing.

I can put you in the mile high club, what's up.

He starred at me for about three minutes before closing them and, quickly leaning in to kiss me. It shocked me but I kissed him back. Closing my eyes as well, his tongue gently touched the bottom of my top lip asking for entrance which I happily granted. He wasn't rough as usual, but it felt gentle and sweet but I didn't like that. I decided to turn things around by roughly biting his lip. He instantly stopped kissing me and I opened my eyes looking to see his reaction. I instantly giggled because his eyes were open wide. And his mouth was open too. He looked betrayed.

Tell her be free baby spread your wings, got your legs in the sky like a plane lemme guide that.

"What? You're ruining the moment." I rolled my eyes at him. He moved his hands so they were both gently cupping my butt.

Can't nobody see you 30 thousand feet,

"I just wasn't expecting that Bey. I thought you wanted to go slow."

Making freaky shit come up out her.

"No I love when your rough with me, I love it when you-

He interrupted me with a rougher, harder, kiss than before than forcefully bit my lip making me moan extremely loud. I closed my eyes as the pain felt good to me.

"You like that don't you?" Shawn chuckled as I blushed at him. He managed to make me feel like a little kid getting caught doing something wrong.

I just nodded my head yes and closed my eyes as he moved back to my neck, still fascinatingly rough, but at the same time amazingly passionate.

He grabbed my body with his two muscular arms wrapping around my waist as he began to kiss me and move downward from,

My neck,

To my,

My chest,

To my,

My breasts,

I moaned every two minutes. And the song changed from SoMo, to Kiss It Better

Kiss It, Kiss It Better Baby

He moved back up to my lips and his hand to take off my bra.

No one else gon' get it like that.

His lips sucking my neck. His hands traveled down to my waist removing the bottom half of my black lingerie.

Mmm, Do what cha gotta do, Keep me Up all night.

I laid on the bed, ready.

I felt his hands press against my shoulders and down my sides until they rested on my ass.

He pressed harder into the flesh and I let out a small moan and he chuckled. I could tell he was smirking still. His warm hands pressing tightly against my bare skin.

What Are You Willing To Do?

Tell Me What You're Willing To Do.

I wrapped my legs around his bare body.

" Pull Me In.." I whispered into his ear.

"Mhmm." She said, biting her lip.

No one else gon' get it like that

I locked eyes with her, and pushed inside slowly, watching her pupils dilate. Her breath hitched in her throat.

So why argue? You here, here to take me back.

I drew myself out, before slowly pushing my length back into her heat. I went deeper and deeper with each movement. Once I knew she could handle it, I started to pick up the pace, my hips moving faster, her moans growing louder. A smirk of satisfaction grew on my face.

"Fuck Daddy." She mumbled beneath me.

Fuck yo' pride.

Her legs wrapped around me, heels digging into my lower back, nails diggin into my shoulder blades.

"Shawn." She was close I could tell by the way her already deep voice had gotten deeper.

What Are You Willing To Do?

" My Turn." Beyoncé, said breathing softly, after I pulled out right before she could reach her climax.

I flipped us around so she was in charge. Beginning to rub light circles on her clit, I saw that Bey was going mad with pleasure.

Kiss It, Kiss It Better Baby.

I was close just by watching at her bouncing up and down on my dick.

When she threw her head back, I lost control. I saw stars, my body feeling hot as fuck as the pleasure coursed threw my veins. I grunted as I hit my orgasm.

"Bey." I mumbled.

I watched as Beyoncé reached climax herself shortly after me, her bounces becoming sloppy.

Soon she collapsed on top of me and I placed four kisses on her forehead.

"I love you Shawn." She muttered in between breaths.

"I love you too Mrs. Carter. And I'm happy you're finally all mine." I said before closing my eyes falling asleep.

Not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

Kiss It, Kiss It Better Baby.

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