It's Complicated( A Mafia love story)

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Hey everyone. all my fans don't get mad. This book was made for a long time i just never upload or finished :D I was to busy with my other work. But truthfully it should of had been in before Through and Pop :D

This book goes out for Chuchninjadore for making the cover. You struggled a lot because we had a different cover but having trouble resizing it :D lol, but I still love this so thanks :D


Enjoy :D

Right now I’m walking down the sidewalk of New York. It's around eight o’clock. You think people will start going home to rest, but not here. There's always life here. The day time usually carriers the family’s or the people wanting to have fun and hang out with there friends or lovers. But the night life is were all the partiers come out. The crimes and the fighting start coming out like crazy to. The night life here is dangerous. You always have to be on the look out.

Your probably wondering then why am i walking then when its getting darker and darker? Simple. I had to get out. I'm on of those people that need fresh air. Even though the fresh air is clouded with smoke and greasy food. Doesn't matter. I'll take anything then being stuck in a house any day.

I stop, turn and go into Pete's diner. I stay in there and eat diner. After I’m done, i leave. I look outside and see its even darker. I pull out my phone and look at it. Ten pm. Damn, I'm such a slow eater. I put my phone back in my jean pocket and make my way home.

I hear laughter and noise. I walk by drunks and homeless. Never stopping. If I stop I might never see home again. I make my way to the bus stop. The bus will come again at ten thirty. So just got to wait thirty minutes. I make it to the bench that is lighted up by the lamp next to it. I see a figure there. I get closer and see it's a man, the same age as me or a little bit older. It's hard to tell. I stop by the bench. But make sure I’m far away from him and still see him through the corner of my eye.

I stand there awhile seeing the guy just stare at me since i arrived. I ignore it. After awhile my temper rises. Who the hell does he think he is? I whip around fast and glare at him. "Can you please stop staring at me?" "Why?' He asks. He has a nice deep smooth voice. I shake off the feeling and give him a look. "Because it's rude Mr. don't have any manners." I turn back around and look at the street.

I hear him laugh. "Spunky, nice." He says. I just ignore him like he is not even there. A minute goes by till he speaks again. "So, what's your name?" I ignore him again "Ignoring me are you?" I say nothing. "Hmp, should I stare at you again so you can turn around and talk to me?" I try to ignore him again but its being hard since he's irritating me. "What's wrong with talking to me babe?" He ask. That's it. "Haven't your mother taught you never talk to strangers. stranger?" I snap at him.

I hear a deep chuckle. "But were not strangers." He says. "Really? Last time i check i didn't know i had a friend name stranger." I hear a loud laugh. "I like you." He says. "Great, just what I need. Some freak liking me." He laughs. "Can you stop laughing? Your laughing is annoying." Actually it's not, I love to hear it and it makes me happy that I can make him laugh, but i don't want him to know that. He's a stranger.

"Well, sorry for me laughing" He says with little chuckles "Your just to damn funny" He says with more chuckles. I turn around and face him now. I give him an eyebrow raise. He stops laughing and straightens out. He looks at me and gives me an eyebrow raise too. I give him an what face and he does the same. My face turns to what-the-hell and what do you know his does too. Anger rises. "Stop coping me!" I shout. Ok, I know i sound like a little kid, but i can't help it. He's stealing my faces!

"Stop coping me!" He shouts back. “Ok that’s annoying." "Ok, that's annoying. " "Stop it!" Stop it!" "STOP IT!" "STOP IT!" my eye's narrowed. " I'm on my period." "I'm on my- ewww" He says with a gross look. "Why the heck would i say that?" I smile happily. He coughs. "Are you?" He asked. I look at him. "You wanna smell to see?" I ask him with a blank look. He gag's. I bust out in a smile and start laughing loudly.

"That's nice" I hear. I turn and look at him. My smile still on my face but my laugh gone. "Your smile" He finishes with his own little smile going on his face. My smile drops and I just stare at him. "Are you done coping me?" He laughs. "Yeah, I just wanted to entertain you. " Ha, more like annoy" I say with a little smile coming on my lips that I can't control.

I hear a noise and see the bus coming. "What's your name?" I hear. I turn back to the boy. "My name's Zane." He says. The bus pulls up and stops. It opens it's doors. I look back at him. "Name's Isabelle, but you can call me Belle." I say to him. "Belle" He whispers. I turn back around and head into the bus. I sit down in an empty seat and see Zane still sitting there. Staring at me in the bus. The lights go off. He still stares at the spot he saw me. The bus pulls from the curve and takes off. Leaving Zane sitting there staring at the leaving bus. The bus turns the corner and I no longer see him.

-Zane's pov-

I sit there staring at the leaving bus. The bus turns the corner and leaves. I sit there and start thinking of Belle. Belle. Such a pretty name for a pretty girl. I was expecting her to flirt with me since I am the master of wooing people, but when she didn't and fought me instead, it made me like her so much more. I love her quick whit and her chance to fight with people. A small smile comes on my lips while i lean back and think about her.

"Boss?" I hear. I move my eye's and look behind me. I see one of my men standing there. I sigh and get up. I turn around and face my man. "Rich" I say. "Yes, boss?" The man answers looking at me. "I have a job for you." "Yes?" I turn around and look where the last spot the bus was out till it disappeared. "I want you to look for someone for me. Her names Isabelle." I turn back to him .He nods his head. "Yes boss"I look back at the road.

I will find you Isabelle I think. And I will have you. Even if your not willing.

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