What You Think

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You do drive me up a wall sometimes.

You make me go insane.

You make me wanna crawl in a corner.

You always know what to say.

You think that im a demon.

You think i hate you for all the things that's happened.

But what you dont know is that your wrong.

I think you use to hate me.

I think your sorry.

I think you wish we could talk.

I think i still love you.

I did hate you at first..

but now i feel the emptiness in my heart filling.

I think we'll talk sometime in the future.

Hopefully we can because i never told you how much i still care.

How much i still love you.

Why i still wanna hold you after what you did.

I think i cant bear the thought of no you in my life.

Im sorry too that it had to come to this.

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