He's Broken

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I know you've been around

I feel you in and out, how are you?

Do you sleep? Are you with me?

We used to be unspoken

Now everything is broken

I'm a good son

Zealots Of Stockholm - Childish Gambino

Chapter Three - He's Broken

Violet's P.O.V

Blah, blah, fucking blah. Why am I sitting here with my family? I could be out and getting fucked up. All that was on my mind was my best friend Jack D. He could never leave my side. Unless Elena steals the damn bottle again. That bitch is always taking-

"Violet?" I shook my head and looked at my Godfather.

"What's up, Matty?" I heard my mother snort. She hated when I called him that. Matty didn't care though. Matty was nice.

"How are you doing in school?" I smirked at him.

"Are you really asking that?" Matty laughed when I raised my eyebrow.

"Did you really just ask that, Dad?" I gave Jaylen the finger. Jaylen blew me a kiss.

"You know she doesn't go to school." Skylar said.

"And you're right there skipping with me asshole." Skylar rolled her eyes at me.

"Yeah right. You know her fans won't be able to go a day without her." Elena smirked at me. I returned the smirk then looked at Matty.

"You two are always getting into trouble." Alicia shook her head.

Alicia and Matty were our God parents. I loved them to death. They treated me better than my own parents. Well, my Dad wasn't so bad when he's not around my Mom.

Matty and Alicia have five damn kids. One didn't like to wrap it up and the other complained about how she forgot to take the pill and the shots made her fat. There was Elena who was seventeen, Jaylen was sixteen, Skylar was thirteen, Jackson was ten, and Jennifer was six. That's too many damn kids in my opinion.

"We have to watch out for you two. Don't want you ended up like this one." I laughed when my grandpa pointed to my granny.

"Granny was a little out there." I said. Granny looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"I was having fun." Granny continued to eat.

"Too much fun, Gabriella." Grandpa said. Granny smacked him upside his head.

"Will you shut the hell up!" Granny said.

"Mom, calm down, please." Dad said.

"Old people fighting? Let me get out my phone!" Skylar pulled out her phone.

"Will you stop! This is supposed to be a nice dinner." Mom said.

"I got my money on Mom!" My Dad said.

"Aiden!" Mom gasped.

I actually loved family dinner. It was always fun. Everyone liked to make jokes and play around. The only person that wanted to be a bitch was my Mom. She had a huge stick up her ass.

"Sophia, calm down. Have some fun, okay?" Dad said. She looked at him and rolled her eyes. I watched her get up and walk out.

She was always being dramatic. I didn't care for her getting mad. I was too busy talking to Matty and Skylar. After awhile, I had to use the bathroom.

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