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I can feel myself being dragged away from what I wanted. I can see her fade into the distance as Christian drags me up the spiral stoned stairwell, each step agonizing as my muscles begin to seize as my body needs, what I was being dragged away from. We enter the top and the lust goes away, placed with concern and anger. 

“We can't leave Lauren down there! Are you stupid?” I shout. How could he just leave Lauren down there to die? 

“You were going to kill her if I didn't, plus she insisted we go on as she will only slow us down.” He says keeping his voice quite, maybe I should have kept my voice down but I was angry of his stupidity. 

“So you just accept!? She's my friend Christian!” I shout at him. His face was blank as if he was getting bored of this conversation, this just angered me more. I shove at him, trying to make him feel any part of sadness or sorrow or pity. 

“Having a lovers tiff are we?” I turn around, seeing Luke smirk his usual cocky smirk, I than see the others. There was ten off them in total, all covered in blood, but it wasn't human I would be able to tell if it was. It was vampire blood. A figure is thrown to the floor in front of them – it was Lauren. I go to run for her, but Christian pulls me back. 

“Was this what you were fighting over?” Luke says smirking in satisfaction as I hit him with my cold gaze. “See what you do Lauren?” He says bending down to look at her. She spits at him and it lands in his eye. Right on! He slaps her hard round the face, leaving an imprint and blood swelling in her mouth making me craves it. Christian struggles against me as he tries to keep me from what I lusted. 

“Oh, Sasha love, are you hungry?” He says smiling a full-fledged grin. I snarl at him. His eyes begin to crease in pure outdone satisfaction, as he removes a silver knife and begins to slice as Lauren's pale whit skin, leaving traces of red trickling tears. I can hear her distant screams in the back of my mind, but I was to entranced on the blood liquid pouring out of her. My mind swirls as the smell becomes over whelming. Than Christian's there in my head, trying to pry me out of the state I was in ready for the battle ahead. 'Sasha, stop! This is what he wants! She's your friend Sasha and he's killed her and he's going to kill us too, if we don't fight back. So snap out of it! He was right, she was my friend and now . . . now she was dead, because of him. I can feel my anger mount as I launch myself into battle. 

A stumpy guy runs at me with a silver coated sword, I dodge freely and pull out a sword that was used as an ornament’s nearby. I look to my left and can see Christian in battle with another three. What were the others doing? I can see they are feeding off of Lauren. I quickly disable stumpy guy, by severing his head of his shoulders and run to hack the other six that were feeding of my friend Lauren's body. Even though she was dead, I still felt the need to protect her dignity and her body. I run at full speed toward them, jumping and spinning earning me karate kick to two of their heads, breaking both their necks at the force. I can see Christian has one more left out of his three. All four of the vampires turn to look at me including Luke; I give him one of his signature smirks and let him grunt as his army fall to pieces. Two of the four go for me and the other two go for Christian. I finish off one of my men off in less than five seconds, by pushing him into a deer’s horns, which was hung on the wall. The other one was tricky, he was more skilled and less shabby than the others, and we used only our hands, both using karate skills we had learned. We fight, circling each other in battle as we dodge and kick at each other, I can feel myself becoming drained at the amount of energy I put into this battle. A word comes so close to my chest, as it was pushed through the last remaining soldier of Luke's army. I stare up at Christian sweetly, than I slap him.

“Ow, what was that for?” He says putting a hand to his check.

-“For undermining me.” I say, as I turn and finish this battle for once and for all. But he wasn't there – He was gone. 

“Christian?” I say hitting him as I stare around searching for Luke.

“He's gone.”

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