Escape - maybe?

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“What do you thinks going on up there?” Lauren whispers in awe. What was going on up there? That’s something I would definitely like to know, it sounded as if a war was taking place, and dust is starting to fall from the ceiling at the force of, hell noes. 

“I don't know.” Christian says, staring blindly up at the ceiling as if he could see through it. “Maybe this is our time to escape.” He says quickly bringing his eyes to me as if to seek for a response in my eyes. I nod like one of them nodding dogs . . .  what's his name, of that advert . . .  Churchill – that's it. He brings his eyes to Lauren to see if she was all right with the plan.

“Hey, I'm down with anything that will get me out of this fricken haunted house, before I come lunch . . . . Uhh. Sorry guys.” She says realising what we were, I could see she was becoming more comfortable with me and Christian, she must have realised I was still me, even though now I drink blood, have a super weird bond with the love of my life, am connected with his slime ball of a brother and I have different abilities than her, but yeah I was still me. 

“Okay, so this is how it’s going to go. When I say push – push as hard as you can Sasha okay?” I nod at him like I was the flipping dog Churchill again; I just couldn't utter any words. Were we really doing this? Were we going to succeed? - No I was sure of it. Don't think like that Sasha! Hope and faith is what we need now. Christian says to my mind, he believed we could do it, so we must be able to do it. But it felt so weird thinking 'we are finally going to get out of here'. I know I had to think positive but I had that creeping feeling in your stomach when you know, something isn't right, something isn't going to go to plan.

“Hey, what can I do?” Lauren says, being her normal stubborn self, she felt she needed to do her part in this, but the fact was she couldn't she just didn't have the strength for a prison break out, she couldn't even do press ups in gym class, for heaven’s sake. I can see Christian is about to say no, I nudge him ever so slightly, sending him a secret message to shut the hell up. 

“Keep an eye out.” I say, she seems to think it’s a pretty solid idea, but what she doesn't know is that me and Christian can hear if anyone is even coming this way, before she would see them, it was just a safe bet to let her do something constructive, than rather her rant and rave about being useless, at a time like this we didn't need that, and trust me no matter what situation it was she would kick off. I remember one time at school she nearly ran me over because I wouldn't let her help me, get ready for a date (that never happened) she was a very stubborn person.

“Come on.” Christian says in my ear, his breath tickling my ear lobe as his mouth brushes slightly against it. I position myself up for the run into the wall, I didn't know if this was hurt, I had never ran into a brick wall before, actually that was a lie, I have, when I was in seventh grade, I was running chasing a boy I liked in this old warehouse, when Bam – I was knocked straight out. Okay so maybe this wasn't the best time to think of these memories, but well hey, I was a new and improved me, this shouldn't hurt – much. 

-“Push!” Christian shouts, we both run together in stride at the wall at about 70 mph, we could have got more speed if the chamber wasn't so small, but hey, I guess you got to work with what you are given. I can feel the force of the impact, though it isn't that hard, almost like just knocking into someone. We had only done a little damage to the wall; just a small crack that was about 30cm in height and most probably an inch deep, my bet was the stone was about 10 inches deep, we had a long way to go. We push again, though this time we do more damage, well I do more damage to myself than the wall, but hey it was another 2 inches deep, only seven more to go. Problem was I had dislocated my shoulder – great! Christian comes forward and I cringe back, hell no was he popping it back into place – nuh uh. He ignores me and reaches out and I can hear the sound of a pop as it re-joins, it wasn't so bad just a strange uncomfortable tingle that shot up and down my arm. I stare up at Christian giving him the stink eye; he just shrugs his shoulder as if to say 'what needs to be done needs to be done.' 

“Push with your other side and use your hands not your shoulders.” He says as if it was obvious, well sorry Mr know it all, I don't normally use my spare time to break down flipping stone walls. We push again and this time the wall makes a noise that scares the living day lights out of me, it sounded like fire crackers going off, we were close I could see the strong beam of sunlight shine out of the crack, problem was is this wall going to collapse? I don't know but by my eyes it didn't seem very sturdy. And as if to prove my thought, the wall begins to tumble, first little pieces of dust than rock, than huge stone. Christian runs to the other end dragging me along behind him, I can feel my shoulder pop out again as he pulls my bad arm. He goes crashing into the metal bars sending them flying across the room and bouncing off the stone walls denting them with a deep line and leaving dust covering the metallic surface of bars. I begin to pull Lauren with my good arm, dragging her with us; she had no clue what was going on, it had only been a fraction of a second since the wall began to disintegrate. We make it to the bars before the wall completely crumbles down making a earth shattering bang – we were done for. Screaming is ringing in my ears. Lauren was beside me screaming in agony, no tears had fallen yet but her breathing was becoming deep

 And fast; she was in shock. Lust comes over me, her ankle was twisted in between the metal bars, I can see a splint of bone stabbing out at a excruciating angle, but there I can see was I lusted over – blood. It was oozing out as if it was one of those jelly sweets. Hands are on my shoulder, I can feel the other one slip back into place, though I don't pay much attention to it, my focus is on something completely different. I can see her mouth move; though I hear no words. All I see if her neck breathing in showing off those delicious veins so full of the things I wanted.

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