Ass hole

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I shake and shake at him, trying to pry him out of his unconsciousness – I needed him. I was worried sick, he was going a pasty white colour that looked yellowy under his hard skin, his body felt lifeless in my arms – this was my fault. 

“Lauren get over here!!” I shout, she hesitates before she reacts, she keeps a safe distance from me (I don't blame her; I would if I was her).

“Take his head and hold it.” She looks at me if I was the dumbest person on the world, but then again, he was the one who kidnapped her. 

“Lauren, have I ever failed to let you down?” She looks at me confused, most probably trying to see through the thick haze of the distant me. She shakes her head side to side slowly.

“And I can promise you now, I will not let anything happen to you, I give you my word. Now get over here and help me!” Something must have clicked in her, because she got up and came instantly to my aid. Once her hands were firmly cupped under his head, I lift my hands that were supporting him; I dig my nail into my neck causing blood oozing out. 

“Lift his head up.” I say to Lauren, she does as I say and I take his head in my hands, my fingers entwining round strands of his hair, as if he was kissing my neck passionately though, it was of pain and it wasn't going away like normal. I try to pull him away from my neck as I could feel myself weaken at the blood loss, though he wouldn't let go. I try and try to push him away but his fangs were shut tightly around my neck, his hands come up to grasp the sides of my head pulling me closer and closer until are bodies were touching, I dig my nails into his back as the pain worsens, I can feel wetness drip on his back, if anyone saw this they would of thought we were getting really intimate, but we wasn't, it felt as if my life was being drained out of me. 

This was it. I can feel my body begin to go numb and my eyes begin to flutter, my breathing is rasp as it clings on. Then he lets go, though I am still wrapped in his embrace, I smile up at him, I loved him and he needed to know before I was gone.

“I'm sorry for before, I love you and I always will.” I say my voice daring to brake. I can see tears glisten in his eyes and then he smiles broadly as if this was all a big joke.

“I love you too Sasha, but I'm sorry to say – you’re not dying.” He says trying to maintain his giggles from escaping; I stare up at him confused, what the fuck?

“Sasha, are bond has just grown that's all, that's why you feel like this, the pain well the pain is from my bite. Vampire's drinking from vampires don't usually happen that is why it hurts, it hurts because your skin is thicker and plus you already have the venom in your system so you can't go numb.” I stare up at him, with his cocky smile (one that instantly reminded me of Luke's – Arghhhh!) I knew he was right, I could feel myself become more vibrant than ever. He keeps laughing as if this was the funniest thing in the world.

 I leap at him, knocking him flat on his back and push my palms down into his shoulder blades to keep him in place, I go to shout at him telling him I take back my apology but instead his lips are brought to mine and I am left speechless, his kiss deepens as if he hasn't kissed me in what seemed like a thousand years. His mouth leaves mine, are foreheads are pushed together, each of us gazing into each other’s eyes, I rub my nose against his liking the feel of it rub against mine. 

“Have I ever told you why I love you?” He says breaking the silence, I was enjoying. I shake my head, as I was still at lost for words.

“Because you’re like me; Impulsive, reckless, fun and dangerous. Because even under all that stuff you’re the most loving girl I have ever meet, because when I see you I cannot take my eyes of you, you’re as delicate and beautiful as a flower, though you’re sexy and hard. That's why I love you.”

I smile up at him, letting our lips brush together his lips begin to part allowing me access.

“Urm sorry to interrupt your interlope and shit, but I think we have company.” Lauren speaks up for the first time and as I listen more closely I can tell she was right. There was a thousand bangs going on, though it was above – it wasn't coming for us.

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