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We both stayed silent, not one of us speaking. He kept to himself and I kept to myself, though my heart was crumbling inside. Each moment past by in silence; it was agony. He never tried to comfort me, when unexpected tears would stream down my face - he wouldn't even look at me. 

He sat there fiddling with his hands, his back to me staring at the marks dented in the grey stones. I had never noticed them before with my mortal eyes, but now they were distinct, scratch marks were dented there. I think about the people who were captured before and placed here, how many were there? Did they all just die? Or did they convert some? 

The only thing I could do was think . . . think about this place, think about the people before me, think about me and Christian. Would I go with him when we escaped? Would he let me? Would he want me too? Did he still want me? Where would we go if he did? Where would I go if he didn't? Would I go back to my family? Would they be in danger if I did? I couldn't answer any of them questions . . . I was lost . . . lost in hope. 

The silence dragged by and I just wanted to scream at him, but I had a feeling it wouldn't make any difference. He must have been thinking . . . I hoped he was just thinking. Hopefully thinking; about plans that will help us escape. Though now, I don't know what would be better, escaping was what I have been dreaming of, but I had nowhere to go, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Staying here sounded like a better option in my head, maybe they would kill me - it would be like a gift. 

It's funny how I dismissed that option in the beginning, but now I sat here wishing for it. The only thing that made my life worth living was Christian and he had given up on us . . . on me. 

Screaming echoes through the building - it was Lauren. Christian turns so fast he's like a tiger. 

"Hold your nose." He says to me urgently. What the heck? But then I understood. I could smell her blood, I could feel it in my body, I could imagine the feel of it in my mouth, the taste of it. It was too late for me, I needed it . . . I wanted it! Lauren is thrown into our cage; Luke wanted me to kill her. Lauren looked petrified. She had slashes criss-crossed all over her body; know other vampire had touched her. 

Christian’s arms go around me hulling me back, I was just about to attack her. To me, she was no longer my best friend I loved . . . she was something I needed, she was my living supply, and she was my food. 

Christian talks to me in my head, calming me, soothing me. It was working; Lauren was now becoming my best friend I loved again. Once I was calm, Christian releases me, most probably glad he could.

"You need to feed." Christian says, my eyes go wide in horror, what the heck? He couldn't expect me to feed of Lauren? I could see Lauren's eyes go wide in horror as well. But then Christian offers me his neck and I understand. My mouth is on his neck in seconds, I could feel the warm elixir, rush in my mouth it was delicious. My body begins to relax and I can feel the blood pump around in my body, I could hear it hard in my ears. 

Christian pushes me back - I had taken too much. He was weak, I offer him my neck, but he shakes his head.

"I will be fine."-  His voice raspy. I look at him warily, I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth. That's when he collapsed . . .

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