It's all an act

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I can Luke smirk at my side; this was my way to show if I had become one of them. He must of known Lauren was my friend, did he take her the day he took me? Did he send me that text? Looking at Lauren, she looked at me in horror and began swivelling her head round looking at everyone else feeding in the room, from the sight of her pale white neck I could tell no one had touched her, Luke was waiting for me . . . he had somehow foreseen that Christian would change me, or maybe he knew that he would, maybe Luke had planned attacking me until I was on the verge of death, maybe it wasn't out of rage like I thought. This was his plan; it was a game to Luke. 

"Oh except for that one there, you can kill her. No one is appealed by her blood." His voice was cocky. I could feel the creep of the ice shards of his breath snip at my neck and ear. 

I swallowed deeply and reached out to Christian all I got was nothing, was he okay? I began to hastily walk my way towards Lauren, her pupils widened in horror as she saw the full extent of my change; she had turned a sickly white and began to whimper in front of my immortal eyes. I remembered when I was in her position, asking myself if I would die? Would I survive? I felt sorry for her, she was my best friend, we went through everything together . . . I couldn't suck the life out of her, I wouldn't. I just couldn't.

"Dinner's served." Luke whispered in my ear, I could tell he was enjoying his 'game' (I wasn't). Before I knew what was happening, my fist connected with his sculptured cheekbone. His face was not fuming but smug, he had expected this of me, and this was his game. His guards were on me in seconds, dragging me down the long twisted corridors of this fortress, I could see Luke looming on the top of the stairs smiling at me smugly. My legs were begging to burn with the friction of the plush red fabric of carpet rubbed on my lower legs; I was sure they were begging to bleed. 

In minuets we had arrived at the dungeons - were I was first held captured. The place reminded me of so many memories, terrible and frightening memories. The time when Lawrence had pulled me into the bars, trying to suck the life out of me with his white and pointy fangs and the time when Luke had made me choose between death or dirty sex, I never regretted my decision no matter how horrible was, I was still alive and I loved Christian and he loved me.  

As if he could hear me mentally call his name, his head poked out of the cell I once occupied, the guards began to drag me towards it, dumping me into Christian’s arms. I hugged him so hard I was surprised I didn't break him and then I cried hard headed tears into his shoulders as he held me, I had messed up our chance to escape; we were going to die. 

Once my tears began to recede, he took my head in his hands and gave me a soft peck on my lips; our lips igniting like a flame. 

"What happened, Sasha?" His voice was concerned.

"He, he had Lauren . . . he wanted me to kill her!" My voice was shaking in anger and sadness.

"Laurens already dead, Sa?" His voice was more concerned than before but it was also entwined with grief.

"Not that Lauren, my best friend Lauren." He looked up at me his eyes frightened and angry. 

"What happened then?" He asked his voice trying to hide any emotion.

"I hit Luke, he was expecting me too, and it was his game all along . . . I'm so stupid to fall for it!" My voice was rising with every word. 

Christian looked less tense and rigid than before, he sighed in what? Was it relief? Or anger? 

"You’re not stupid Sa, we should get some rest, were going to have a tough time from now on, were going to need all the energy we can get."

Nodding towards him, I cocoon up in his arms, lying on the cold hard cement flooring. In a matter of seconds I could hear the soft wheezing of Christian sleeping, lucky for some. 

I couldn't sleep, the events of the pass few hours were a blur; they were so surreal. Could someone’s life change in a few seconds? I already knew the answer to that one, it had happened to me when they had captured me, my life changed at that moment and it always would. Laying there, the events of what had happened to me since I have been here whirl round my head . . .  

"You do know it was him, don't you?" Luke's voice startled me back into the now and present.

"What do you mean?" My voice was as flat as a brick.

"Surely he hasn't told you?" What was he on about?

"Oh dear he hasn't, that was very rude of my brother." His voice and face was smug; as always.

"He kidnapped Lauren; your friend. That's while he was away when you first came here." His eyes glistened with amusement, he was enjoying every moment of my shock and horror.

"You’re lying!" I knew he wasn't, it all made so much sense, as to why he acted so freaked out earlier when I mentioned her.

Luke just grinned at me like he did at Shake Away.

"Do you really think that?" He raised an eyebrow at me before he walked off whistling down the glooming corridor.

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