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Chapter 44

Sumi's POV

Kaagad kaming pumasok ni Sica sa aking sasakyan. Then I started the engine.

"Sica, kindly turn on the---"

"The GPS. I know." She said and started to get busy in tracking the location.

After a few seconds...

"Why in the world, sa ospital pa talaga?!" She said.

Mas lalo kong binilisan ang pagpapatakbo ng sasakyan. We will going to end this. I've been waiting this time to happen, for we know that if this won't happen, our life will put into a complete nightmare, wherein we are not comfortable of our safety, for Ace will going to return.

"Do you have a share of guns?" She asked, while taking something in here bag.

I glanced at her. "I have it, inside the engine." I replied.

Her eyes widen. "Are you serious?" She asked still shocked.

I nodded. I'm really serious. In every car I have, there are always a share of guns insidr the engine.

"But how?" She asked.

"I have ordered some special case from Japan, wherein I can put my share of guns, which can be kept anywhere, even inside the engine." I explained. That was one of our secrets. Choi and Rio have this secret too, but in different manner. If mine is inside the engine, I don't have idea if where are they putting their share of guns anyway. But we always have guns inside our suit.

"That was cool! Can I borrow one of those?" She asked.

I stopped the car and take it over the side of the road near the forrets. We are surrounded by green--- the trees, grasses, etc. It is the way towards the hospital.

"Let's go and get it." I commanded.


Riba's POV

Nasa mall kami ngayon ni Rio, malapit lang sa ospital. Kanina pa kami nagtatalo kung ano ang gagawin. The reason why he stopped here, because he wants me to stay here and not be involved of what's happening.

"You stay here." He said why putting two extra guns in his suit.

"Naririnig mo ba ang sarili mo, Rio?!" Pasigaw kong tanong sa kanya. Lintek na tao! I understand that he doesn't want something to happen to me. But I am someone na tatayo lang sa gilid at tutunganga, kahit alam naman niyang she has something to do with it.

He looked at me. "Babe, please understand me. I just don't want something to happen to you." He said.

I sighed in anger. Fine, I'll shut the fuck up as for now.

I just nodded.

He smiled and immediately disappeared out of my sight, for there are lots of people blocking his view.

Shit. I can't take this. Hindi ako ganito. I know that my parents died because of the fucking mafias, but I'll still do what I must. Alam kong hindi ako myembro ng mafia tulad nila, pero I'll prove to them that I am not a loser. Dati kaya akong gang member. I know a lot when it comes to firing.

Where should I get a gun? Wait. Something's wrong with my attire.

I looked at my dress. May short naman ako sa loob.

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