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Sitting their staring into Lauren's glacier blue eyes, I become gob smacked. Was she really there? Or was all the emotions running through me, making me see things? Could others see her?

"Yes, I am real. But no, no one else can see me, as their dead like me. Now since we got that cleared up, let’s get some things straight. Christian is mine! Not yours - mine, he will always be mine. Just because were related, it doesn't mean I won’t kill you, understand?"

Nodding my head in fear, she began to smirk to herself. She began to flicker in and out, and I'm guessing that she was going. However, as much as she frightened me I needed to know what happened to her in 1804.

"Lauren? (she turns to look at me, and becomes a misty image) ... what happened to you in 1804?"

"Ahh, well that was tragic, especially as Christian - my lover, killed me." She says as she sighs and looks down.

As she regains herself she looks at me in the eyes, and I see pity for me in her eyes.

"Never mind telling you .... I can show you."

Before I could conjure up anything I am being dragged into a vortex that spins around me making me feel queasy and sick. And then I am dropped into a room similar than mine, though the year is no longer 2011 it is now - 1804. 

Lauren is tied down to a dark wooden poster bed, with black drapes and silk blood red duvet. She is in a black lace corset with stockings and small thongs to complete the image. Her hair is a spiral mess (just as mine) and her body is bruised with bite marks, love bites and scratch marks. Looking at Lauren I could relate to what Christian said about us being alike. 

Christian enters the room and the wonder and love in his eyes makes my heart shatter. He looks exactly like he did now. Lauren's face also showed a lot of compassion for Christian. 

As he began to walk towards her, I could see the hunger burn beneath his eyes and just like that he was on her neck sucking every ounce of her out, and as he removed his blood soaked lips from her pierced neck, her body became limp in his arms. His eyes were shocked and astounded and then tears began to fall from his eyes as he cradled back and forth holding ever so tightly on to her. I could smell depression and grief radiate from Christian.

Everything became to blur and then I was forced back into the spinning vortex and as I landed back in my room, I am alone. Lauren has gone and I can't believe what I have just witnessed. 

Did Christian feel the same way about me, as he did Lauren? Or did he really mean what he said? 

And before I realised Luke was behind me, he was their grabbing me up and sitting me on my bed. 

He sat next me, holding on to both of wrists are knees touching together at our closeness. 

Luke's candy apple eyes bore into my eyes and I become to fill all jittery at his intense gaze.

"Sasha ..." 

I look at him questionably, what was he going to say?

His lips came to mine and I thought he was here to receive my body, but the kiss was not filthy or hungry in desire.

 It was full of passion, his hands come around to my back bringing me on to his lap, straddling him and even though I didn't like Luke, I couldn't help but get lost in the feel of his touch on me the passion he was springing inside of me, eloping my hands around his neck my hands become lost in his silk ebony black hair, gripping at the threads of hair bringing his lips deeper and deeper into mine. 

The kiss becomes deeper and heated; I could feel Luke's hands begin to rub his way further up my thigh. Reaching the edge of my dress he begins to gather up the fabric between his tight grip pushing it further and further up my back were his hands rest in the dip of my lower back with the fabric cocooned in his hands. Are breathing becomes rapid and are bodies begin to grind together like waves, forcing up and down each other. 

His hand comes up to the back of my head bringing are lips more deeper into each other’s, his other hand slides further up my back leaving my flesh in goose bumps. I could feel the sharp point of his fangs as my tongue grazes across them and for some instinct I become aware of a watcher. 

Opening my eyes, I see Christian frozen in the door way. 


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