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Trying to make my eye sight adjust to the darkness, I'm surprised I can no longer feel Lawrence hovering above me; me trying to fight for my life. But just as the pleasure of his departure erupts through my body it is replaced by fear. 

Fear of Lawrence hiding out in my room, waiting to pounce on my neck and suck out every ounce of my blood.  

Trying to strain my hearing for any noise - I hear nothing. Nothing - that is coming from my room, however farther down the hall. I hear shouts, screams to be more accurate. 

Trying to wrestle my way out of my ropes I think this is the best time to escape. Escape whilst their distracted. But Christian comes into my mind, his face looming in my head; could I really leave him, before I knew what was going on between us, this ache inside of me when I'm not with him, or maybe he could explain this thread that bonds us together. Would all of this go away, if I left? Or would it stay with me for the rest of my life?

Dismissing any thoughts of Christian, I begin my escape.

As I try to pry the elastic ropes off me, the elastic digs into my flesh leaving blood trickling down my arm and before I can go any further, Lawrence is their licking it up.

Using his teeth to cut the elastic on my arms I swing out and catch Lawrence on his nose, making black blood pour from his now crooked nose. 

"You will pay for that!" 

As he lungs for me, I pounce onto him. We land on the floor both off us struggling for control of the other. Finally he wins and hangs above me, his black unholy blood dripping onto my face. As he leans down I can see Christian behind him, and in a second a stake is through Lawrence's heart. Lawrence's face becomes aghast and then it is gone, by him turning into ash that is left lying on my new dress. 

Staring up at Christian, I can't believe he killed one of his own kind to save me, why would he do that?

"He didn't do it for you!"-  Said a sneer from the entrance of my room. 

Looking over at Luke I can see he is in a pretty messed up state; scratches and bruises cover most of his skin.

"There was a spot of troubled with the diseased vampires, you see."


"Yes, they become pure creatures of the night, you know like the ones in stories. Bats, desire for blood all the time, crazed and indestructible.... blah, blah ... you get the picture."

"I thought you were all like that?"

A smirk creeps up on Luke's face.

"No love, we aren’t. Yes we recover from wounds more than you; they heal instantly if you drink blood. We are a lot stronger than humans by a fair amount, we drink blood to keep us alive as we produce no glucose or oxygen in our body, and we are fast and have powers. But we are never easy to kill, so don't even think about it."

"Luke, can you please leave I need to talk to Sasha."

"What for now Christian? Have you forgotten that half the Baldimir coven has just lost control over this stupid Afchan disease? And that were down by 170 vampires? We need to recruit, now!"

"Theirs time for that later, right now I have business to attend to, so if you don't mind."

"Oh, are we finally showing your ability to lead by responding to our requests?"

Christian looks at Luke in a puzzled way, than it goes grim as he realises what his brother has just said.

"No. Not that sort of business."

"Don't forget you got to do it by the end of this week, or your position as leader will be passed down to me." Luke says as he moves his way out of my bedroom.

Once the door is closed Christian helps me get up and the feel of his hand in mine is electrical and heated. We both look up at the same time, gazing into each other’s eyes, the ebony black of his swirling irises make me mesmerised, as we are locked in each other’s presence I can feel his strong hands at my hips, tugging me closer and closer towards him and his chest, when the space becomes non-existing between us his hands come round and press into the dip in the lower part of my back.

As we gaze into each other’s he whispers "I'm sorry."

Tearing my eyes away from him I say.

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry for what my brother has done to you, sorry for the pain he has caused and sorry for what happened in 1804."

What was he on about 1804? I could feel a shiver ripple through his chest under my palms.


"Yes. 1804."

"Why are you sorry to me, for something that involves 1804?"

Was he becoming like the others? Had he cached this Afchan disease?

"You’re a descendent of Lauren."

"I'm a descendant of whom? And why are you apologising to me about someone called Lauren?"

Christians face conveyed so much emotion.

"Lauren was just like you back in 1804, she looked just like you except with blue eyes (with a smile playing at his lips) she was a sex slave for the coven as well, we became connected to each other, my brother also connected with her, and we both fell in love with her. (Jealousy boiled within me) One day I went to go see her, but I hadn't feed in a week and the thirst raged inside of me, I drank from her, not intentionality try to kill her, but ... Any ways you get the basic idea. You’re just like her you know, fierce, sexy, beautiful, caring. That's the reason were connected, I know you feel what I feel when we touch and what we feel when were near each other."

Looking into his eyes I say "I do."

Christians face now becomes a brick of fierce posture.

"And so that may be, however stay clear from me. I don't want anything to do with you!"

And as Christian steeps away from me and swiftly exits my room hollowness has erupted inside of me.

Did he really mean it? Yes whispered a little girls voice in my ear. 

Turning around, I see her. A figure of a girl. She wasn't a person though - she was a ghost.

"My names Lauren and he is MINE!"  

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