letter:) may 28

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heres the most recent letter i have. i hope u really enjoy these just as much as i have enjoyed posting them. :) haha

may 28...

its the first  day of summer can you believe it? it went by so fast... hmmm i have no idea how i can describe this past year...i have no idea where to start. everything was great. there was never  a dull moment.  and this was because of you:)

and the last day of school was great, we had spent the majority of the day together. and we opened up to each other. you told me how you felt. that even after everything that you had feelings for me. that what had happened was real. every minute of it. becasue you had loved me.  and i will never forget a single second of anything.

but there is something i did regret more then anything... we were opening up to each other, and i told you that i regretted it. i said i regretted us... i saw the hurt in your face. and i have no idea why i said it.. you playd it off though. which was something i wouldnt have been able to do... and i am so sorry becasue truth is i dont regret a thing. and i never will. i know sometimes i will say i hate you that i never wanna speak to you again, but thats all play. cause you amazing. and i will forever love you, you will always hold a special place in my heart:) and you never know we might just end up together someday.... yours forever faithfully:)  anne

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