Shoey (Shane Dawson & Joey Graceffa) fanfic 2

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Shane's P.O.V. :

Fuck!! It's ben 3 hours and I still can't stop thinking about that kiss. Why??! This is just ridicules, I don't like, like him....or do I? I don't know but I know I wanna do it again!
He seamed pretty happy wen I kissed him, what if more then a kiss happens? What if I get him in to the set/bedroom I have upstairs, pin him on the bed and suck the shit out of him?
Do you think he will get mad....nope he will probably like it ;) Right?

Joey's P.O.V. :

I was staring at him ALOT! Biting my lip and going to the bathroom ones to "refresh" myself. I just couldn't hold it in anymore, I was getting to turned on by all these sex jokes. He was literally torturing me. After a while he said he wanted to show me a new set, I said okay and we went upstairs.
"Wow that's awesome, it looks like a bedroom" I said, I really liked the room. I thought crossed my mind of just pinning him on the bed, but I shook it out of my head immediately. That would be wrong and he could hate me forever. " know we can use it that way too" He said smirking. Wait!!!!! "Did you just say WE??!"
He kissed me and I started to stumble back on to the bed, he laid on top of me and was just kissing me...I was in shock. I kissed back. His lips were so soft and rough at the same time,it was blowing my mind, I melted into the kiss I grabbed his ass 'I couldn't resist'. He whimpered into the kiss and I was getting hard. He started to kiss my neck "Fuck...Shane" I moaned as he was sucking on the sweet spot. And apparently he liked my little moan and started going down to my pants. He unbuttoned them and puled the zipper down with his teeth, "That was hot" I said with a smirk. He just rolled his eyes and pulled them down, my boxes were still on me, but hanging really low on my hipbones. He licked from one hipbone to another and I whimpered.

Shane's P.O.V. :

I wanted to make him beg make him want me so badly, I wanted to hear him moan my name. I know I said I would say a virgin until I get married but this was getting too god. I licked from one hipbone to another, going closer every time. I licked his growing bulge softly and he whimpered. And than I heard it "P-Please..." It was quite but I heard it, I pretended that I didn' I licked it again even softer.
"Shane please. I'm bagging you, p-p-please." He was griping my hare and I looked up and said "Do you want me? Do you want me to make you come so hard you're going to be worn out for days?" "Yes! Please Shane....O GOD please." I licked ti again, harder this time, I got back up and started to kiss him. He moaned loud as I pressed my hand on his cock. I started stroking it and noticed how big he was. I got back down and removed his boxers and just stared for a second. "Fuck, you are big" I said with a smirk and he said "I can't wait to see you and have you in my mouth" with a wink. I couldn't take it anymore, I tuck him fully in my mouth. "Ohh...God...S-Shane you feel so good!" He moaned and it was the hottest thing I have ever heard. I was deep-trotting him and he was pulling my hare and it started to hurt a bit. "Auu, watch it! You are gonna pul my hare out..." I said in discomfort "S-sorry...but I was so c-close" he gasped. "And why didn't you just say so?!" I asked with a idea popping in my head. "Sorr-..." I cut him of ... "Hands and knees, now!!" I growled. He seamed shocked excited and did as he was told.

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