The Little Girl

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It was a busy day at the port of Bombay, in 1934. No one took notice of a little girl and her elder brother. She wore a flower-printed frock and a small jacket for warmth against the chilling winds of the Atlantic Ocean. The elder one wore a suit and a warm maroon coat. One could tell they were going to London by the sight of their clothing. They both carried a trunk and a suitcase each.

"Ready Sonali?" the elder one whispered. She nodded, ready for a big adventure that lay ahead of her.

The ship that would take to England was 'The Virginia', a magnificent vessel of colossal size. Sonali had never seen anything like it before. It was fortunate that her family was extremely rich and could afford two first-class seats. Her brother was training to be a lawyer in England but due to the crisis in India i.e. The War of Independence, her family decided to send Sonali for her safety, to very close family friends, The Pevensies. Raj would drop her and then move on to his voyage up north.

The voyage was long but not rough. She had a room of her own, it wasn't Buckingham Palace but it was fairly nice. Her brother had a room of his own as well. She was just a mere child of five years, and could not bear the separation from her beloved brother. She only went out for meals and to cuddle up with her brother when ever she felt lonely and could not sleep. Her brother was eighteen and had looks to die for. She was very much sure that the women would stare at him the entire day. She had curly hair and eyes with the darkest brown colour anyone had ever known. Her skin had a beautiful hue of light brown.

The ship arrived at Dover after a week. They were to arrive in London by train. Throughout the journey, she was silent. Her brother tried to cheer her up with tales of their other siblings, two boys and two girls who were all elder to Sonali. He failed to do so. He knew he would miss her a lot, but he knew destiny had much in store for his little sister. They couldn't even look at each other.

They arrived in London a few hours later and took a cab to Finchley. Raj helped to load her luggage into the taxi and told the driver the address. The driver was an old man and a very jolly one too. It was getting difficult to see, since it was getting dark. They arrived at a house, rather nice and spacious. They got out of the taxi, carried her luggage to the front door and knocked. The door was opened a couple of minutes by a smiling man.

"Mr. Pevensie?" Raj questioned, trying to stand up a bit straighter.

" Yes, and you must be Mr. Thapar? And your youngest sister?" the man smiled at her, crouching to her level. She hid a little behind Raj but gave her brightest smile.

"Youngest really. She is a little shy but warms up fast." Raj said, his voice cracking, knowing he would not see his sister for a long time.

"We will be getting along very well, don't you think?" Mr. Pevensie smiled at her.

Silent tears began to roll down Sonali's cheeks. "It's going to be alright," Raj tried to console her, but tears kept flowing uncontrollably.

"You idiot," Sonali said in a muffle, " If you are going far away from me, how will that be alright?"

He sighed. "I promise I will be back for you. Once you've grown up, we can go home." 

With that solemn promise, he handed Mr.Pevensie her luggage and left without another word.

She wanted to say goodbye, but she never could.


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