Adventures During Free Time

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A/N: So my cousin Lovely_SilencE__ and I got bored and started role playing as GazettE. This was the end product XD We hope you enjoy!!

Aoi: Umm Ruki? I think your pants are ripping! *points at rip*

Reita: *laughs*

Uruha: *laughs really hard and falls off the couch*

Ruki: I think my butt is to big *tries to look at his butt* Hmmmmm....

Aoi: *helps Uruha calm down and gets him off the couch* Yo Uruha, calm down!

Uruha: *looks at Aoi adorably* Hmm?

Ruki: Ughh. Now I have to go and change...

Reita: I'll help!

Kai: *gives Reita a death glade* No Reita. You stay here.

Reita: *tries to follow ruki into the room anyways*

kai: *stops him* If anyone's gonna be there, it's gonna be me *runs up to ruki* I am the leader after all!

Reita: What does that have to do with anything! I've known him longer!

Ruki: *runs into the room and locks the door while the two are arguing, then changes into a new pair of ripped, black skinny jeans* HAHAHAHA suckers

Kai: DANG IT *giggles*

Reita: *pouts* Awww

Ruki: *comes out of room with new pants* Sorry Rei-chan but, I don't think I would've gotten anything done if you were in there *giggles*

Aoi: Yeah, you two would probably be doing IT suuupperr loud-

Kai: *wacks Aoi on the back of his head* Oi!

Aoi: Owwww *rubs back of his head*

Uruha: *giggles then suddenly makes a quack sound*

Kai: Umm Uruha? Was that you?

Uruha: * answers really fast* No?

Reita: Why did you say it like a question?

Uruha: Why are there so many questions?!

Kai: Why does everyone keep asking questions?

Aoi: Why don't you guys just stop?

Kai: Too many questions!

Ruki: *ignores them and plops himself down on the couch* Ahhhhh....

Kai: *sighs and stops the arguing, then sits on top of Ruki* Comfy comfy comfy.

Ruki: Heyyyyy your butt is in my face! *tries to push Kai off but then Uruha and Aoi jump on top of Ruki and Kai*


Reita: Mwahahahaha*Reita literally throws himself on top of everybody*

Ruki: Ha-alp! I'm beeeing c-crushed!! Aggh!

Reita: Wait a second... EVERYONE OFF!

Everyone: *looks at Reita and gets off*

Ruki:*gasps for air* I'm free!

Uruha: *blinks up at Reita* Reita? What's wrong?

Reita: It's just not fair! I wanna lay on Ruki *sniffs*

Kai: well, he IS comfy heheh.

Aoi: *glares at Kai* I thought I was comfy!

Kai: Whoever said that?

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