Chapter 7 - "Grown up camp"

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The next day I had to go to school. I was more tired than I had ever been. I had been up all night staring at the ceiling trying to work out what I should have said to Emily. Conversation’s had gone around and around in my head, but they all inevitably left me alone.

I stayed awake through the entire morning but in the afternoon they were showing a particularly boring video in a warm classroom. I slept right through sixth, seventh and eighth period. When I woke up, the classroom was deserted. Somehow I had been left behind.

I went out into the corridor. No-one. “Hello?” I yelled.

No answer. The corridors were dark and empty. I ran. I’m not even sure why. Eventually I found an open window and I climbed out. Three hours after school. No-one had noticed. No-one had cared. I might as well not exist.

I ran all the way home and arrived in my neighbourhood sweating. I climbed Emily’s terrace and banged on her window.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked, aggressively opening the window.

“I’m here so say I’m sorry. But listen, we never did anything in the cupboard. We just sat and talked.”

“What?” She asked, open-mouthed.

“We never did anything.” I said.

Emily struggled for words. “But its, seven minutes in heaven, you like… Have to!”

“She’s a lesbian.” I blurted.

“What?” Emily said, dumbfounded for the second time.

“She told me in the cupboard. That’s why I got so awkward when you asked me about it. She made me swear I wasn’t going to tell you.”

“Oh.” Emily said quietly. “Why are you telling me now?”

“I fell asleep in history and I woke up and… no-one had remembered me. I was alone in the school. Its like… I don’t exist without you.”

She leaned forward and kissed me through the window. “Feel like you exist yet.”

“Not quite yet,” I joked leaning in for another kiss.

She gave me a light punch on the arm instead. We were back to the way we were.

“Do you want to hang out, my mum is making lasagna?”

“Sure.” I said. “That would be great.”

Emily’s dad reminded me of my Dad. He didn’t say too much and when he did speak, his words tended to be snide comments about me. Throughout dinner he poured himself large glasses of whiskey.

I leaned over and whispered the similarities I had spotted. She giggled slightly and I received a glare from her Dad. Perhaps he knew I had been talking about him.

A few weeks passed without incident. I played on the Wii with Kim. It turns out that she is a mean Wii bowler. She promised that we would go bowling for real sometime soon.

It was a Thursday and it was about 4AM. A Thursday I had been looking forward to, along with the rest of my class. Our permission slips were handed in, our bags were packed, the bus was raring to go. We were going on a field trip.

This trip got us out of school for a whole week. The freshman had been telling stories about “Freshman Camp” for as long as I had been there.

Emily and I climbed onto the bus. She was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a white “Ramones” T-shirt. A backpack was casually slung over one shoulder.

I was wearing a pair of combat trousers and a green t-shirt. I sat down next to Emily and we exchanged a low five.

“Lets get the hell out of here.” I said, as the bus started driving. A cheer came up from the bus. Nothing beats leaving school behind.

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