Regina's Third Post

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ReginaMills: @ EmmaSwan


EmmaSwan: Selfies while sleep deprived are the best

CaptainHook: Why didn't I get to take a selfie with you?!

EmmaSwan: Because you aren't fabulous enough

CaptainHook: Why not??

PrinceCharming: Because you're a pirate

HenryMills: GUYS!!!! I JUST REALIZED OUR VACATION IS ALMOST OVER!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

ReginaMills: Henry, don't you miss Storybrooke?

HenryMills: Yeah! But I have to go back to school...

SnowWhite: School is fun!!!!!!!!

EmmaSwan: Let's be honest here, kid. You're only going to have to go to school during hiatus. You'll probably end up in Camelot or something soon

HenryMills: Good point

HenryMills: But I love vacation!!!!

EmmaSwan: We'll just have to come here again some time

SnowWhite: Count me out

PrinceCharming: Same

ReginaMills: Fine by me

BelleFrench: Let's bring Rumple instead!

MrGold: YES!!!!!

ReginaMills: Why can't I decide who comes instead? We're literally paying for this using the money from ME being Queen

BelleFrench: Well I was the one who found a way for you and Emma to use magic across the town line!

SnowWhite: Yeah, how did that work anyways?

BelleFrench: It's a spell of sorts, but it only works during hiatus, when everything is kind of in flux

SnowWhite: Oh

ReginaMills: Fine, we can bring Gold next time

BelleFrench: We'll still have an extra bedroom, though...

NealCassidy: INVITE ME!!!!

WickedWitchOfTheWest: INVITE ME!!!!

HuntsmanGraham: INVITE ME!!!!

QueenOfHearts: INVITE ME!!!!

CruellaDeVil: INVITE ME!!!!

ReginaMills: You guys are all dead

WickedWitchOfTheWest: WHAT?!

WickedWitchOfTheWest: I'M NOT DEAD

ReginaMills: You're dead in my heart

WickedWitchOfTheWest: Rude

EmmaSwan: We can invite Lily!

RobinOfLocksley: You mean the girl with Emma's potential for darkness in her?

LilyPage: That's me

RobinOfLocksley: So another sort-of villain?

ReginaMills: Sort-of villains are the best!

EmmaSwan: I agree!

BelleFrench: Robin, it's okay, you'll still have Henry, Roland, and I

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