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Vivian Odell grew up as a barmaid in her uncle's bar, "The Rising Sun". She soon becomes curious of her cousin, Devon's reckless approach to money and where he disappears late at night. 

She follows him and finds out that he's befriended a whole crew of pirates and offered to follow them on their quest of stealing the royal pirates treasure and becoming the leaders of the Bandits of the Sea company while overthrowing the current royal pirate leaders. 

 Will Devon manage to drag Vivian into it? What happens when Vivian meets Prince Carter, the rich pirate prince with a dangerous reputation and a thrilling attraction to him?

 Will Vivian learn of her real originality and who her parents were? 

And where does Vivian's loyalty truly lie? With her beloved cousin? Or with the Pirate Prince, who Vivian is developing feelings for? 

Thanks so misfitxvodka for the beautiful picspam!

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