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Salam firstly !

As you all know that this story's end is still in progress ! I'll surely in tomorrow or the day after tomorrow i'll update the end ! Basically i was hospital ! Yeah sick me ! But i have half chapter written already :)

So as you all know i started fanfic named "dil-e-nadan" but some author already had that name or idk if they named after me but i hate it ! So i changed the name and its "beqadran yaar " please please gooooo and check it too ! :)

I love how you guys are supporting "yeh qasoor mera hai ! " :) and thank you so much for keeping calm .

One more thing is that some many of you messaged me about "vampire love war " . i changed the books name too ! Now its "revenge for blood " . i hope you guys understand :) thanks for supporting ! This means alot to me and don't forget to leave the comments what you guys thinks about ky stories !

Your love !
Amsal ather subhani xxx

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