Ciel x Alois Lemon

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Greed. Filled as the young Count twisted and turned in his bed. He had longed for for the young dark silk haired Earl, he wanted his company, he wanted to touch his soft ivory sweet skin that was coated with pure great rich silk, that of course his Butler treated to him. Though as the young Count wished and greeded for this, he couldn't have it, the young Earl did not feel as the same as the Count. Or so he thought.


Chapter 1.


Alois. Panted around the room as he tried to devise a plan to make Ciel Phantomhive his. "CLAUDE! " Alois gritted his teeth as he yelled for his spider Butler. Claude entered the room with a tray of tea, "I have brought fresh German tea Your Highness" He announced as he settled it down in front if him. Alois tapped his fingers on the table and looked off to the side tilting his head. "I don't want that Slob!" He clenched his teeth tight kicking his feet. Claude kept no emotion. "I need help to make. Phantomhive mine!" Alois finished. Claude nodded and helped his Master plan.



Alois lied in bed comfortably, which didn't last long, he began thinking of Ciel deeply, it caused him a bright red flushed face and better his thighs to grow hard. Alois twitched his leg a little and sat up trying to figure out what he should do to "relief " the pain. He sat back against his headboard. He sighed, "It's hopeless..He'll never take me..". He thought, he believed that he wouldn't be taken on but the Phantomhive Earl, but is he sure?


Chapter 2.


"Nghh.. " A moan escaped from somewhere close. Sebastian was wondering why there were loud moans coming from his Master's bedroom. He knocked on the door and listened. "D-Don't Come in!". Sebastian ignored his call and entered. His eyes grew wide at the sight of his Master sitting at the end of his bed with his exposed erection pumping. Sebastian smirked and walked toward him. Ciel blushed and stared at him awaiting to see what'll happen. Sebastian leaned in his face. "Now what could've caused this, Master? " He questioned. Ciel looked away. "Blondey." He replied as Sebastian's lips formed into a devious Smirk. He stood back and stared at the boy for a minute, then spoke. "How about we visit him, tomorrow Yes?" Ciel stung him with a glare. "DON'T BE Stupid! I could never! " He barked.. Sebastian made an excellent point of him to go. Ciel nodded in agreement and lied under the covers and went to bed, as Sebastian exited the room.



As morning fell, and the Earl got dressed ate his breakfast and finished his work, he walled out to the carriage as his Butler awaited. Sebastian crept a smile, "Ready, Young Master? ". Ciel felt a pound in his heart as he nodded. They then went off, as They arrived Sebastian knocked at the door, the spider answered and glared as he adjusted his glasses. "Michaelis. " He blurted. "Faustus." Sebastian replied, "It's rather fit that my Master needs socializing, so I am here to drop him off for a few, as I take care of, "work". Claude nodded as he led the Earl inside. Sebastian bowed in thanks and went off, but Claude followed behind him forgetting of his Master. As Ciel walked the halls he heard moaning not that far away , he was curious so he walked up to the door, noticing it leads to Alois's bedroom. Ciel's eyes widened as he opened the door without a single knock. There, Alois Trancy was sitting on his bed pumping away on his erection. "Nghh.. Ciel!" Alois gasped in between a moan and surprise of seeing Ciel. Ciel closed the door as he walled in the room and locked it shut. Alois freaked out and sat up backing away. "I-I.. " Before he could finish his lips we're crashed into by the Phantomhive Earl. He soon began to kiss him back as he realized, He Finally Got It.


Chapter 3.


Alois pulled away immediately and looked at Ciel. "Ciel....Are you just doing this for me..? " The Count spoke, "Of course I'm not, fool. " Phantomhive replied as he soon began to kiss him again. It felt too soft, silky, sloppy, too much to not let a moan escape from the Young Count. Alois soon had a plan, he smirked and pushed Ciel against the soft pillows and got on top if him. Ciel blushed deeply as he looked at him, Alois then began to unbutton the Earl's shirt with his teeth. Ciel felt rough pressure against his chest and flinched a little. As Alois removed his shirt he aww'ed in amazement of Ciel's bare ivory flesh. Alois began sucking at it slowly till he reached the pink bubbly tip and he bit it. Ciel let a moan escape his lungs as he tensed up. Alois sucked down on it while playing with the other slowly. "Alois...." Ciel moaned out. This made the Young Count Smirk and play more. as he drove his free hand down the Earl's pants. Ciel tensed up and tried to get his hand away but he got his arms pinned over his head. Alois reaches his hand deep in the Earl's pants and explored his whole area pumping. Ciel let a loud moan escape and his hips bucked upward in Alois's hand, Alois smirked at this action and pulled his whole pants down and removing his hands from his upper torso. Ciel blushed as he felt himself get hard by thoughts of Alois, "Nghh..It hurts..Alois.. Relief the pain.." Ciel moaned out. Alois. looked at him then crept a smile as he cupped his hand in the Earl's erection and pumped slowly. Ciel stuttered "A-A-A.." He seemed to have lost his words, but he had regained then as Alois pumped faster playing with the tip as it oozed out precum. "Alois.. " Ciel stuttered his moan. Alois smiled then removed his hand and placed his mouth around the Earl's tip playing with it with his tongue. He then placed it all in and sucked as he bobbed his head slowly. "Nghh. .. " Ciel moaned of pure pleasure. Alois pulled away with a loud "POP!" . Ciel panted, "A-Alois.. " . Alois then stripped himself slowly as he then shoved his fingers inti Ciel's mouth and demeaned. "Suck. Now, Phantomhive ". Ciel decided to obey and he sucked his fingers coating them tightly . As The Count removed his fingers he turned Ciel over making him get on his hands and knees, as he dud so, Alois stuck his first finger deep inside Ciel's entrance. "Alois! That hurts.. " Yelled the Earl gripping the covers. "Relax. " Alois replied as he took it in deeper searching for that sweet spot, he soon gave in and added the second finger, "It hurts.." . This time Alois didn't reply as he stuck his fingers deeper , rather soon he found that sweet organ that he knew Ciel craved. he pounded in it a couple times awaiting the Earl's reaction. "Nghhgh....Yes there. " Ciel moaned out hanging his hand down. Alois then removed his fingers, Ciel glarred at him. Alois then sat on his knees as he entered Ciel from behind of his own. Ciel gasped and looked at him. "Alois! That hurts.." he said looking then away. Alois then Snaked deep in then paused and leaned in his ear and whispered seductively "Just tell me when to continue Ciel.." . this caused a blush apon the Earl's face. Ciel then nodded as his signal, Alois then beamed inside him, Ciel shrieked and stuttered his name. Alois then knew he found that sweet spot again, he then beamed once more. "Yes! There..Nghh.." Ciel begged which made Alois's eyes widen, Never once has Ciel begged, but, this, he needed, he wanted it, he wanted Alois inside him. Alois began pounding faster at the same sweet spot till he found another, "A-Ah.. " Ciel threw his head back and moaned loudly. "Ciel, your so damn tight!" Alois muttered. Alois then palmed his partner's member and pumped it roughly. They both moaned in extreme pleasure as the pace went faster, soon They both cumed and collapsed right beside each other on the bed breathing heavily. Alois turned to Ciel, "Must we call this now a relationship Phantomhive? " He spoke. Ciel nodded as they then both held each others hand tight. Right there, beside each other. Now Just what did those butlers get into?

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