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Why am i such a disappointment?

Why cant I do anything right,

No matter how hard I try?

I swear i never meant to lie

I'd rather die than hurt you.

And yet no matter how hard i try,

that's all i seem to do.

I would easily die for you

and yet i seem to be the thing  killing you.

Please is there Anything i can do,

to make it up to you?

I know its my fault,

but this is killing me to.

I know its selfish,

for me to complain,

when i am the one that caused this pain..

But the one word you said.

The word i hate more than anything.


That one word is killing me.

Because i know its true.

I could never deserve you.

I'm the person you love,

the only one you trust,

and i lied to you.

After all the times i said I'd never,

I went and lied,

Turns out i'm no longer any better

than anyone else in your eyes.

I'm exactly what you said,

but i hoped you never realize.

I'm a disappointment.