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Harry's POV

"Lie down." I tell her. She sits on the bed and rests back. I watch as she keeps her legs closed. I take her foot, straightening her leg out.

"Harry." She whispers. I look down to her.

"Relax baby girl." I crawl over her taking her knees prying them apart and on either side of me. She looks up to me with a light blush sprinkled on her cheeks. I lean down kissing her plump lips. I fist the sheets fighting the urge to wreck her completely right now. She seems to relax slowly. Her hands rest on my jaw. My breathing hitches at her touch.

I won't be able to hold back much longer.

She grows eager quickly. I kiss down her neck and I'm rewarded with her delectable moans. The sound racking my body rigid. My hands find their place on her hips making their way up. I palm her breast and it fills my hand completely. I groan watching it through her shirt.

"Can I take this off baby girl?" I ask and she nods looking at me through innocent eyes. I undo the zipper down the back and help her out of it.

I moan in excitement. My hands take their places quickly. I rub my thumb over the smooth supple skin of her bare chest. I look up to her and her cheeks are redder than blood. I smile leaning down kissing her lightly.

God is her innocence not the biggest turn on?

As I kiss her she pulls me closer and our chest are touching. I undo my button down and throw it onto the floor. She presses her chest flush to mine and writhes underneath me as our lips mingle. I thumb the skin just beside her boob.


I don't stop at the sound of the knocking on the door. It takes her a minute to even realize. I nibble on her neck looking for her weak spot. Her hands roam the vast of my back.



"Daddy," I insist cutting her off to try and keep her from getting up.

"I need to get the door." She gasps as I kiss right below her ear, found it. I cup her boob and massage it as I kiss and suck on her neck. She moans and slowly closes her eyes but opens them immediately.

"It's probably Nate." She says desperately. I roll my eyes continuing.


"Fuck." I hiss frustrated and lean back letting her up. I watch as she slips another shirt on and saunters towards the door.

She's such a little vixen without even knowing it. I let my eyes travel from her bare feet to her short thick legs which lead to a plump round ass, and those nice perky tits to round out her figure. Don't get me started on her face. She has the perfect lips and sparkling greenish brown eyes that pull me in every time.

"I-I can't do this right now." She stutters. I smirk at her rambling. I lean back in the bed and sinking into the plush duvet. I smile closing my eyes enjoying the comfort of her bed nice and soft, how I like it. Unlike my wife always bitichin' the bed's too soft, hurts my back.

Mila's POV

I huff my bangs out of my face shutting the door as Nate walks away. I lean against the door and take a breath.

What am I doing here? Just broken up with my boyfriend and in bed with another man within the hour. I've gone against everything I've built for myself, with Harry alone. I've let him touch me in ways I hadn't even touched myself. I'd kissed him harder than I've ever kissed Nate. I don't even know Harry.

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