My Twilight Part 1

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My twilight chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the twilight books! I don't own any of the characters or anything! I just did this for fun and you can read it. Hope you enjoy!

I did write this but I repeat I don't own the characters or anything. Just did it for fun. :)

STORY-- Bella just moved to Forks, Washington where she has her own place. Something in her dangerous past causes her to pull away from everyone she cares for. To protect them. Can she keep these secrets hidden when she is faced with true love? And she is already a vampire something in her past caused that as well.

Chapter 1

My name is Bella Swan. I'm 17 and have been for a while. But I don't like to think of my past now is my future. But why does my past have to follow me around?!?!?!

 I have to start school tomorrow, and I hate school. It gets boring once you have done it over, and over, and over. And I have to resist all the humans! Uh! I'd rather just eat them.

Lucky for me I'm a vampire with powers. I can control my thirst very well so I'm able to make it through the school day and hunt after. I usually eat humans that I believe are evil and heartless. I don't like killing people but what else can I do? And what I really love is that my eyes don't get red! They are chocolate brown forever!

 Another power I have is to hide. If vampires are around they don't know I'm a vampire because I smell like human. So I can hide from all vampires.

Over the years I've got a lot of money so I don't need to work to pay for m hotel. I have a LOT of free time. I taught myself how to play the guitar do I play it almost every second of everyday, except when I'm hunting.

 I was playing I am Iron Man on the guitar when I glanced at the clock. Dang! I'm half an hour late for my first day at a new school! Oh well.

Chapter 2

When I arrived human males were looking me up and down. Gross! Maybe I could work this to my advantage... If someone was willing to come to my place. Free lunch!

I walked into my first class- English. The first sent that hit me vampire. Vampire! Someone in this class was a vampire! But who?

"You must be miss swan! Did you get lost? Your almost an hour late!" The filthy human teacher was talking to me.

"No I wasn't lost I just didn't feel like coming on time." Class laughed. I turn to them. Which one was the vampire?

"Well I'll excuse you because your new but don't let it happen again. Take a seat." The rest of the classes went by slow. I kept getting new vampire sents. There are...3 no! 5 vampires in this school not counting me.

Finally it was lunch time! I grabbed my food and scaned the crowd. Ah! There at the back table there were 5 people all pale and hot. One was small like a midget she had messes up hair that stuck out everywhere. The guy next to her was blond. Beside him was a girl that was really pretty and looked stuck up. Beside her was another guy that was huge!!! He looked really strong. The one that caught my attention the most was the guy with the brownish bronze hair he was... Really really hot. And he was staring at me he looked frustrated.

"Y-you can sit with me?" Some ugly human male was talking to me. "Im mike."

I just walked past him to the vampires. There weren't anymore seats so I grabbed one and put it between the hot gut and the midget.

"Im sitting here." That was all I said. It wasn't a question. The all stared at me like I was on drugs and like they were in pain. Haha probably haven't eatin in a while. This will be fun.

I flipped my hair towards the midget and she flinched back. Haha! I love this power. Even though it's a fake sent it's still strong.

"So are you gonna tell me your names or just sit there?" I asked. I douted they could open there mouths.

But the midget spoke up. "I'm Alice and this is Jasper." She was strong.

"I'm Rosalie." The blondie said while flipping her hair. Talk about full of yourself.

"Im Emmett!" Wow the big one was loud haha.

"Edward." Edward the hot one. Wow his voice was.... Wow. Well Jasper your the weakest still haven't opened your mouth I think I'll play with you.

"So Jasper, your in my Spanish class right?" Haha this is hillarious!!! He fidgited in his chair for a second. Yes!

"I don't know." Dang! He didn't attack!

"I have it second block. Is that when you have it? Or do you not?" I acted like I was interested in the answer he was ridged. Haha Attack!!!!

"He doesn't have it second he has it 3rd with ME." Dang the midget stood up for him! But wait... She was kinda posesive. I made her jelous!! This is so fun!!!

"Oh! Ok." I gave Jasper a sexy smile and he scwermed some more but Alice looked like she was gonna rip my head off. Oh well let's move on. Ah! Blondie looks fun!

"Oh Rosalie! There's something on your face!!!!" She shreaked.

"Where!!!!" Hahahahahaha! I would have been rolling on the ground if I didn't have a role to play.

"Oh wait sorry. I thought I saw something but I guess thats always there. Sorry." Omg!!!! Hahaha her face was priceless!!!!

"Chill Babe." The big guy Emmett muttered to low for human ears. Your turn!!!

"Huh? Did you call me babe?" Lets see how blondie likes this!

"Uhh..... No." He looked really shocked.

"Oh." I leaned towards him "You can if you want."

Rosalie jumped up her chair flew to the wall. I gracefully stood up slowly scooting my chair out. But she just ran out the room. Dangett!! So close!

So I sat back down. And turned to my next victim. Edward.

"Im sorry did I say something?" I put on my sad face like someone hurt my feelings.

"No it's just Rosalie is with Emmett." Duh!!! Haha.

"I see...." I would have said more but I was enterupted by the bell.

I got up and left. That was a good way to end first day of school so I skipped my classes and went home.